A Journey Through My Lens

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Diving © Matias De Rada

My journey into the world of cinematography began when I was 18, during my senior year of high school. An injury had sidelined me from sports, and I found myself drawn to the world of visual storytelling.

I was inspired by a video created by Devin Supertramp on YouTube. The way he told stories through video sparked my curiosity for the craft. From that moment, I looked at each day as a potential opportunity to knock on the door of my biggest dream.

Overcoming Fears and Embracing Opportunities

Freelancing is not always easy. The biggest challenge for me was to overcome my fears. But I realized that no decision is crucial. It is possible not to overthink things and take every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

The Power of Cinematography

The first short film I ever created, called “El Mago”, ended up being shortlisted at the Young Directors Awards in France. Another tipping point for me was a super bowl commercial I directed for Jamaica Tourism in 2019. It was my first significant role as a director, and the satisfaction of watching the result was beyond rewarding.

THE MAGICIAN | EL MAGO | By Matias De Rada | Beautiful Destinations

Wellness Through Travel

Traveling has been a source of wellness for me. It allows me to connect with different cultures and people, enriching my life in ways I could never have imagined. Whether it’s meditating in the serene landscapes of Colombia or practicing yoga on a beach in Bali, travel has been instrumental in maintaining my mental health.

Travel Advice | Motivational video

From luxury resorts, to the streets where the culture of the destination feels most alive, I have learned to appreciate not only the scenic beauty of a destination, but have grown to really look forward to connecting with the people through music, fitness, and dance. All three of these things have acted as a universal tool to break down barriers and allow me to connect with people in a way most tourists wouldn’t think is possible.

From all the travels, I have solidified the fact that travel is a force for good and I want to utilize my voice to promote a healthy and active travel experience that encourages connection with locals.

Looking Ahead

Today, I hope to utilize all the knowledge and experience I gathered over the past years to help educate in Latin America. With better knowledge, more people can live from content creation. Hopefully, this will help promote the beauty of South and Central America to the rest of the world.

Venezuela (Angel Falls) 4K- THE BEACH IN THE SKY

Join me on this incredible journey as we explore the world through my lens, one frame at a time.

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