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Accessibility of Arkansas: Overview

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Introduction: Embracing Accessibility in Arkansas

Arkansas, a state renowned for its natural beauty and cultural richness, is divided into several distinct regions, each offering unique experiences for visitors. Committed to providing an accessible and enjoyable experience for all, Arkansas encompasses regions such as the serene Ozark Mountains in the Northwest, the vibrant and historic Delta lands in the East, and the soothing hot springs of the Southwest.

In total, the state is segmented into six main regions, each with its own charm and attractions. This guide will simplify your travel planning by highlighting various accessible transportation options and lodging facilities across these diverse regions. For a more detailed view of each region and what they have to offer, you can click here.

Getting to Arkansas: Airports and Accessibility

  1. Major Airports:
    • Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (Little Rock): Offers wheelchair assistance, TSA Cares helpline for travelers with disabilities, and complies with ADA standards. Click here for more information
    • Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (Bentonville): Details on accessibility at this airport can be found here.
  2. Transportation to and from Airports:
    • Accessible shuttle services, public transportation, and taxi/ride-share services with wheelchair accessibility are generally available at major airports, including the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Navigating Arkansas: Accessible Public Transportation

  1. City Transit Systems:
    • In cities like Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Hot Springs, accessible public transportation options are available, including buses and paratransit services.
  2. Special Transportation Services:
    • Services for travelers with disabilities include paratransit and specialized transit options, providing necessary accommodations for mobility and accessibility.

Accessible Taxis

Arkansas does offer accessible taxi services. In Little Rock, for instance, there are paratransit taxis and services available to assist travelers with disabilities. Additionally, Uber provides Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) services in select markets, including options for riders who use folding wheelchairs.


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