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Accessible Museums in Amsterdam

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The Rijksmuseum

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is renowned for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system, and narrow houses with gabled facades. But what makes this city truly special is its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. This is particularly evident in the city’s museums, many of which are wheelchair accessible. In this blog post, we will explore some of Amsterdam’s wheelchair-friendly museums that make art and culture accessible to everyone.

Nxt Museum

The Nxt Museum is the Netherlands’ first exhibition space dedicated entirely to New Media Art. This progressive art form includes large-scale digital art installations and immersive audio-visual projections. The museum’s exhibition, restaurant, and toilets are accessible to wheelchair users and visitors with physical disabilities via ramps and alternative routes. For those travelling with a companion, free Accessible Companion tickets are available.


The Rijksmuseum is one of Amsterdam’s most iconic museums and offers several accessibility features to make it inclusive for all visitors. With spacious exhibition halls and lifts on every floor, including an accessible lift entrance, the Rijksmuseum is an art-history lover’s dream. This museum houses world-famous paintings, including works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh and countless other Dutch greats. The museum is accessible to people who use wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walking bikes.


The STRAAT Museum is a wheelchair-accessible museum perfect for street art enthusiasts eager to explore global street art and graffiti culture. Located in a former warehouse on the NDSM wharf, this spacious museum features an impressive selection of over 160 artworks by well-known artists and emerging talent. With ground floor entry and access to the museum’s main gallery hall, STRAAT has lifts that provide access to the museum café and all exhibition floors.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum houses a large collection of Van Gogh’s masterpieces, as well as selected works by Gauguin and other artists. The museum is accessible thanks to spacious exhibition rooms, ramps, lifts, accessible toilets with grab rails, and several other features.


Micropia educates visitors of all ages about microbes and bacteria. The museum is home to fascinating jars of fungus, microscopes revealing bacteria on household objects (I can never look at a remote control the same way again), and petri dishes full of colourful substances.

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is a great place to check out modern and contemporary art. Home to paintings, photos, sculptures, film projections, and holograms.


The Hermitage is a beautiful historic building that houses an ever-changing art collection from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum is an archaeological museum in Amsterdam. It houses a vast collection of artifacts from the ancient civilizations of ancient Egypt, the Near East, the Greek World, Etruria, and the Roman Empire.

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum, formerly known as the Amsterdam Historical Museum, offers an exhaustive and compelling account of the city’s past. The museum is housed in a former orphanage and is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

Body Worlds

Body Worlds is a unique museum that offers an extensive tour of the human body. The exhibits are designed to educate visitors about human anatomy and physiology.

Dutch Resistance Museum

The Dutch Resistance Museum is dedicated to preserving and sharing stories of the Dutch resistance during World War II. The museum is wheelchair accessible and offers a wealth of information about this important period in Dutch history.

EYE Film Museum

The EYE Film Museum is dedicated to cinema and contains an extensive collection of Dutch and foreign films. The museum’s modern building is fully accessible, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the magic of cinema.

Fabrique des Lumieres

Fabrique des Lumieres is a digital art center that offers immersive exhibitions. The exhibitions are projected on the walls, ceiling, and floor, creating a 360-degree experience.

Living Horse Museum

The Living Horse Museum, also known as the Dutch Horse Museum, is dedicated to the history and culture of horses in the Netherlands. The museum is wheelchair accessible and offers a unique insight into the world of horses.

Museum of the Canals

The Museum of the Canals takes you on a journey through 400 years of Amsterdam’s Canal Ring. The museum is located in a beautiful canal house and is fully accessible to wheelchair users.

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum houses a vast collection of maritime artifacts and tells the story of how the sea has shaped Dutch culture. The museum is wheelchair accessible and offers an engaging experience for all visitors.

NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO Science Museum is a science center in Amsterdam, located at the Oosterdok. It contains five floors of hands-on science exhibitions and is the largest science center in the Netherlands. It’s also fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of three palaces in the Netherlands which are at the disposal of the monarch by Act of Parliament. It’s situated on Dam Square in very heart of Amsterdam. Considered one of Amsterdam’s most iconic sights, this palace isn’t just for royalty – it’s also open to visitors for most of the year.


The Tropenmuseum is a museum about people, housed in an impressive listed building overlooking Amsterdam’s Oosterpark. The extensive permanent display and regularly changing exhibitions feature objects that all have a story to tell about humankind. Tropenmuseum Junior designed especially for children features interactive exhibitions about children from all over the world.

In conclusion, Amsterdam offers a wide range of wheelchair-accessible museums that cater to various interests. Whether you’re interested in archaeology, history, world cultures or want to explore the city’s cutting-edge artistic scene, Amsterdam has you covered.

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