Accessible Rhythms in Nashville

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A street in Nashville at night

Nashville, Tennessee, known as the “Music City,” is a fun and lively city that continues to expand its city limits.  It’s a relatively small city – geographically, but it has managed to fill almost every open space with some type of music venue, bar, or restaurant. And, as soon as the sun sets, its streets, especially Broadway, become filled with music lovers of all ages bouncing from one venue to the next to listen to their favorite artist.  I couldn’t be happier that Nashville is a favorite tourist destination and people flock there. 

Accessible Travel

BUT, if you have a disability, the large crowds and the lack of access to a number of the venues can be a deterrent.  I had to arrange for an accessible taxi in advance and there are options for accessible hotels.  Some of the best Nashville taxi companies for wheelchair users are Prime Care and Music City Cab.  For people with disabilities, finding accessible attractions and accommodations is essential to fully enjoy what the city has to offer.

With its rich music heritage, southern charm, and desire to welcome everyone, Nashville is working hard to ensure a welcoming and accessible environment for all visitors. I love the music and the people in Nashville and I look forward to getting back there to enjoy even more. 

Here are some of my recommendations to have a fun and accessible trip to Nashville!

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Nashville’s music scene at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This iconic institution showcases the history, culture, and impact of country music through exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays. The museum is mostly accessible providing ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. Additionally, visitors with visual impairments can enjoy audio tours and tactile exhibits.

The Parthenon

Discover a fascinating piece of history right in the heart of Nashville at the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the ancient Greek landmark. Located in Centennial Park, this architectural wonder houses an art gallery and serves as a cultural hub. The Parthenon provides accessible entrances, ramps, and elevators for visitors with disabilities.

The Grand Ole Opry

No trip to Nashville would be complete without experiencing the iconic Grand Ole Opry. As the longest-running radio show in the United States, it has played a pivotal role in country music history. The Opry House provides accessible seating options, wheelchair rentals, and assistive listening devices to visitors with disabilities. 

Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

Escape the busy streets in downtown Nashville and relax in the beauty of nature at Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. This 55-acre botanical garden and art museum offers accessible pathways, paved trails, and elevators for guests with disabilities. Explore the stunning gardens, art exhibitions, and serene surroundings. Please know that not all areas are entirely wheelchair accessible and you may need assistance.

The Johnny Cash Museum

Step into the world of one of the most iconic figures in country music at The Johnny Cash Museum. This amazing museum showcases artifacts, memorabilia, and exhibits that celebrate the life and career of Johnny Cash. With accessible entrances, ramps, and elevators, disabled travelers can easily navigate the museum and learn about the “Man in Black.”

The Frist Art Museum

Art enthusiasts will enjoy the Frist Art Museum, housed in a magnificent Art Deco building. This contemporary art museum offers accessible entrances, ramps, elevators, and wheelchair rentals. Explore the diverse exhibitions and collections, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary art.

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Experience a wild adventure at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, home to a diverse array of animals from around the world. The zoo features accessible pathways, wheelchair rentals, and service animal accommodations. Here you’ll find fascinating creatures, enjoy interactive exhibits, and participate in educational programs.

Nashville, Tennessee is a fun and entertaining place to visit.  You’ll find many accessible venues but just be sure to contact the venue/establishment in advance to ensure they can meet your specific needs.  Plan your trip, embrace the warm hospitality, and get ready for an unforgettable time in Nashville!

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