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Accessible Training in Israel

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Pascale Bercovitch training in Israel with Kayak

Inclusivity and Accessibility in Israel

Israel, my home country, has been a beacon of inclusivity and accessibility for me. The nation’s commitment to para sports has been instrumental in my journey as a multi-disciplinary athlete. Accessible travel in Israel is possible at a number of sites. From national parks and urban beaches to historic sites and expansive museums, wheelchairs are welcome! In addition to finding readily available ramps and assistance, wheelchair friendly transport is also available.

Nurturing Talent in Israel

In Israel, I found an environment that nurtures talent and breaks down barriers for athletes of all abilities. The specialized facilities, expert coaching, and supportive community have empowered me to excel in my sports.

Training Facilities

For my rowing training, I train at The Daniel Rowing Centre in Tel Aviv. It´s Israel’s prime training facility and the home of the national Olympic and Paralympic squad.

I also train at a gym located in northern Tel Aviv, which provides me with the necessary equipment and space for my rigorous training routine.

Outdoor Training

My training also involves abseiling and mountain climbing. Mitzpe Ramon, known for its beautiful desert canyon, offers a full day adventure of canyoning. The Black Canyon in the Golan Heights is another fantastic location that offers a mix of hiking, swimming, and rappelling through a canyon carved from volcanic rock.

Dance Training

Dance is another crucial part of my training regimen. I loved to dance before my accident and now I get to wheelchair dance. Did you know that there are several notable figures in wheelchair dance in Israel such as Vital Zinger, a world champion dancer, pioneer for handicap accessibility, and queen of wheelchair sport. There are also dancers like Zahava and Oren who have moved audiences with their performances on shows like ‘Israel’s Got Talent´.

Looking Ahead: Paris 2024 And Beyond

As I set my sights on Paris 2024, I am inspired by my journey and the progress Israel has made in promoting para sports. These events provide a platform for athletes like me to showcase our talents and underscore our commitment to our sports.

Israel’s Inclusive Environment

Israel’s inclusive environment has played a crucial role in my journey from being a Paralympic participant to becoming a medalist. As we look forward to Paris 2024, I am proud to be part of a nation that champions accessibility and inclusivity in sports. Israel serves as an inspiration for other countries around the world, demonstrating that with the right support and resources, athletes of all abilities can achieve remarkable feats.

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