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Accessible Travel at Coco Beach with Royal Caribbean

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Nestled in the Bahamas, Coco Beach is a premier destination within Royal Caribbean’s exclusive Perfect Day at CocoCay. Offering a wealth of accessible travel opportunities, Coco Beach is dedicated to providing an inclusive and enjoyable vacation experience for guests with diverse needs.

From wheelchair accessibility to sensory-friendly experiences, every guest is ensured a comfortable and memorable time ashore. Whether seeking relaxation on the pristine sands or thrilling adventures, accessible options at Coco Beach guarantee full enjoyment for all visitors.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Coco Beach features wheelchair-accessible facilities, ensuring guests with mobility disabilities can seamlessly enjoy the stunning beachfront and ocean views. Accessible pathways, beach access points, and amenities are thoughtfully designed to accommodate all guests. Additionally, accessible transportation options facilitate smooth travel between the ship and Coco Beach, prioritizing ease and convenience for guests with mobility needs.

Sensory-Friendly Experiences

Beyond physical accessibility, Coco Beach offers sensory-friendly experiences for guests with sensory sensitivities or autism. The serene ambiance of Coco Beach provides a peaceful setting, ensuring a relaxing beach experience for everyone. Royal Caribbean’s commitment to inclusivity extends to accommodating diverse sensory needs, allowing all guests to embrace the natural beauty and tranquility of Coco Beach.

Accessible Shore Excursions

Royal Caribbean curates accessible shore excursions at Coco Beach, designed to offer inclusive and enjoyable experiences. Catering to a broad range of accessibility needs, these excursions ensure that guests with mobility disabilities or other requirements can fully engage in beach activities, cultural explorations, or nature adventures.


Coco Beach and Perfect Day at CocoCay boast a variety of accessible features to enhance the experience for all guests:

  • Accessible Routes: Paved paths throughout the island, including a main pathway and connections to key areas like Chill Grill, Oasis Lagoon®, and Thrill Waterpark®.
  • Accessible Tram Service: Available along the pier and island, accommodating one wheelchair or scooter at a time, ensuring easy transportation across Coco Beach Club® and other attractions.
  • Beach Wheelchairs: Complimentary and available on a first-come, first-served basis, designed to facilitate beach access without ambulatory assistance.
  • Accessible Pools: Including Oasis Lagoon with lifts and sloped entry, and Thrill Waterpark Wave Pool’s sloped entry for easy access.
  • Captain Jill’s Galleon: Equipped with a wheelchair lift to ensure all adventurers can enjoy the fun.
  • Coco Beach Club Enhancements: Features like complimentary beach wheelchairs, an infinity pool with a lift, accessible dining areas, and cabana routes ensure a luxurious and worry-free experience.

Contacts for More Information

For further details on accessible travel at Coco Beach and Perfect Day at CocoCay, contact Royal Caribbean’s Access Department at Special_Needs@rccl.com. Visit RoyalCaribbean.com/AccessibleSeas for comprehensive information on accessibility features and services.

Coco Beach at Perfect Day at CocoCay represents Royal Caribbean’s unwavering dedication to accessible and inclusive vacation experiences. With thoughtful amenities and services, Coco Beach ensures that every guest can fully savor their time in this Bahamian paradise.

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