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Accessible travel in London

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Driver Helping Senior Couple Board Bus Via Wheelchair Ramp

Transport for London (TfL) has made travel around the capital accessible with many ferry peers, tram stops, buses and taxis offering step-free access so you can explore at your own pace.

Accessible Travel Around London

Transport for London (TfL) has your travel needs covered with a comprehensive Transport Accessibility guide. This guide provides valuable information on various aspects of accessible transportation, including:

Door-to-Door Transport Services: Discover convenient door-to-door transport options tailored for accessibility.

Wheelchair Access: Learn about wheelchair-accessible transportation choices to ensure a seamless journey.

Planning Your Journey: Get tips on planning accessible routes and travel itineraries.

Status Updates: Stay informed with real-time status updates on the accessibility of transportation services.

Accessible Maps and Guides

TfL offers a wealth of downloadable accessibility guides and maps to enhance your London experience. These resources can be tailored to your needs:

Accessible Tube and Rail Maps: Navigate London’s extensive underground and overground networks with accessible tube and rail maps.

River Guides: Explore the city’s waterways with river guides designed for accessibility.

Help with Travel: Access valuable information about travel assistance services.

Taxis, Fares, Tickets, and Travel Discounts: Get the lowdown on accessible taxi services, fare details, ticket options, and travel discounts.

Accessible Route Planner: Plan your trip in advance using the accessible route planner on the TfL website or TfL Go app.

‘Please Offer Me a Seat’ Badge or Card: If you’re partially sighted, blind, pregnant, or have difficulty standing on public transport, order a ‘Please offer me a seat’ badge or card for added convenience.

By Tube or Train

Navigating London’s underground and overground train networks is made easier with the following features: One third of the London Underground is accessible.

Accessible Tube Map: TfL’s accessible Tube map highlights step-free access from street to train with a blue symbol and step-free access from street to platform in white.

Priority Seating: Inside underground tube trains, you’ll find clearly marked priority seating for the elderly, pregnant individuals, and people with access requirements or health conditions.

London Overground and Elizabeth Line: A significant portion of London Overground trains and all Elizabeth Line trains provide step-free access, audio-visual aids, grab rails, wide access doors, wheelchair ramps, and a warm welcome to assistance dogs. Station staff are ready to assist with any queries.

Accessible Buses

All London buses are designed to provide a comfortable and accessible journey for passengers. Here’s what you can expect:

Low-Floor Design: London buses feature a low-floor design equipped with retractable ramps, ensuring easy boarding for wheelchair users and pram users alike.

Audio and Visual Information: Buses are equipped with audio and visual information systems to enhance the travel experience for all passengers.

Dedicated Wheelchair Space: Each bus reserves a dedicated space for one wheelchair, ensuring that wheelchair users can board and travel conveniently.

Assistance Dogs Welcome: Assistance dogs are warmly welcomed on all London buses.

By Boat

Explore London from a unique perspective by taking advantage of TfL’s River Bus service, known as Uber Boats by Thames Clippers. Here’s what you need to know:

Wheelchair Accessibility: River Buses are wheelchair accessible, offering a scenic and convenient way for passengers with mobility challenges to explore the Thames.

Multiple Piers: The River Bus service operates from 23 piers, connecting various parts of London between Putney and Woolwich. For timetables and routes, refer to the current Uber Boat by Thames Clippers timetable.

Now that you’re equipped with valuable information about accessible transportation in London, you can now delve into the exciting accessible activities and attractions that this dynamic city has to offer.

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