Accessible Travel in The Netherlands

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Sunset above farm houses and windmills of Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands ©Getty Images

Embracing Inclusivity in The Netherlands

Discover the welcoming spirit of The Netherlands, a country that beautifully melds historic charm with accessible tourism. While navigating the cobbled streets of its historic city centers might seem daunting, The Netherlands offers a wealth of accessible attractions, accommodations, and dining options. This guide provides key information and tips for travelers with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable Dutch experience.

Wheelchair-Friendly Transportation

Public Transit Accessibility: The Netherlands’ public transportation system, including buses and trains, is tailored for wheelchair accessibility. Learn about the facilities at train stations and enjoy the convenience of special entrances and wheelchair-accessible toilets on most intercity trains.

Boat Tours in Amsterdam: Experience the iconic canals of Amsterdam with accessible boat tours. Several companies offer tours with platform lifts, making the scenic canal routes a delight for everyone.

Adaptive Adventures: Bikes and Beaches

Modified Bicycles: True to its cycling culture, The Netherlands offers modified bicycles for rent, ensuring that the joy of cycling is accessible to all. Accompanied cycling tours are also available, providing a unique way to explore the countryside.

Beach Wheelchairs: The Dutch coast is known for its picturesque beaches. Rent special beach wheelchairs at various coastal locations and enjoy the serene beach landscapes.

Accessible Cities and Attractions

Inclusive Urban Experience: Every Dutch city boasts accessible attractions, restaurants, and hotels. Download city guides like the one for Amsterdam to discover accessible routes and key information.

Theme Parks and Museums: Enjoy accessibility in popular theme parks such as De Efteling and Madurodam. Museums like the Van Gogh-Museum and the Rijksmuseum offer inclusive tours focusing on multiple senses.

Theatres and Concert Halls: An Accessible Cultural Scene

Special Accommodations: Inquire about spacious seating and discounts at theatres and concert halls across The Netherlands, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive cultural experience.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Exploring the Great Outdoors: The Netherlands’ natural reserves and parks are accessible, too. Enjoy scenic tours in areas like Overasseltsche fen in Gelderland, where natural beauty is accessible for all.

Convenient Services for Travelers

Car Rentals and Domestic Care: Rent specially modified cars from Hertz or Bever for comfortable travel. If needed, book domestic care services with Comfortzorg for a worry-free stay.

Accessible Bed and Breakfasts: Explore accessible bed and breakfast options, such as those listed on EelkeDroomt, for a homely and comfortable accommodation experience.

A Welcoming Journey Awaits

The Netherlands is committed to accessible travel, offering a blend of historic allure and modern inclusivity. Whether you’re exploring vibrant cities, enjoying the serene countryside, or experiencing the rich cultural landscape, The Netherlands ensures a welcoming journey for every traveler.

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