Washington DC: A City for Everyone

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Washington, DC, stands out as one of the most accessible cities globally, committed to welcoming visitors with special needs. Whether you’re planning a trip or just exploring, the city offers a wealth of resources and programs to ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience.

Ease of Mobility: Parking and Public Transport

On-Street Parking Accessibility: DC’s on-street parking program caters to residents and visitors with disabilities. The city recognizes disability tags from other states, allowing parking in designated spaces or for extended times at metered spots.

Metro Accessibility: Proudly one of the world’s most accessible public transport systems, DC’s Metro offers detailed online resources and a downloadable guide for mobility-challenged visitors.

Constitution Gardens and Rental Services

Constitution Gardens: A serene, accessible spot in the heart of the city, offering peaceful views and pathways.

Mobility Equipment Rentals: ScootAround and Orthopaedic Mobility Rentals provide scooters and wheelchairs, ensuring ease of navigation. E-MILE also offers electric ride rentals for a unique way to explore DC.

Attractions for All

Dedicated Accessibility Pages: Many of DC’s attractions, including cultural institutions, are fully accessible, with dedicated web pages outlining specific features like ramps, sign language tours, and wheelchair availability.

Key Attractions: Explore the accessibility features of places like the Hillwood Museum & Gardens, International Spy Museum, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and more.

Smithsonian Accessibility: For detailed information on each Smithsonian museum’s accessibility, check out the comprehensive guide.

National Mall and Memorial Parks Accessibility

Accessible Parking: Find permit-only parking near the FDR Memorial and other key locations.

Wheelchair Availability: A limited number of wheelchairs are available at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, with elevators at the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials for easy interior access.

Language and ASL Services

Jeenie App for Language Support: Download the Jeenie app for 24/7 language support and American Sign Language interpreting, ensuring a seamless experience for travelers requiring language assistance.

Washington, DC’s commitment to accessibility makes it a city where everyone can enjoy the rich history, culture, and beauty it offers. With thoughtful amenities, accessible public transport, and inclusive attractions, DC is truly a city for all.

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