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How Adaptive Sports Inspires Change

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Mike Schultz mid air on a snow board ©Monster Mike Schultz

I’m Mike Schultz, perhaps better known as “Monster Mike.” Today, I stand as a testament to turning the impossible into a new reality, and I want to pull back the curtain on a journey marked by adversity, innovation, and raw resilience. My path isn’t just carved with the adrenaline of competitive sports; it’s shaped by a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries, both mine and the world’s.

Embracing New Beginnings After Adversity

That December day in 2008 marked more than a career halt; it was a life paused in freefall. Losing a part of myself, literally, meant grappling with identity, capability, and a future suspended in uncertainty. Yet, amid the turmoil, a spark ignited. I wasn’t just going to adapt; I was going to innovate. In founding BioDapt, I wasn’t only reclaiming my life; I was crafting a lifeline for others tethered by their physical circumstances.

The Making Of A Champion: It Takes A Village

Achieving Paralympic gold wasn’t a solo endeavor. It was built on sleepless nights, shared victories, and the tireless support of my cornerstones: my family. Sara and Lauren haven’t just been my cheerleaders; they’re integral parts of this journey, keeping me anchored and true to myself amid whirlwinds of global competitions.

Innovation On The Slopes And Beyond

My venture with BioDapt isn’t merely about equipping athletes; it’s about fostering a revolution in adaptive sports. It’s surreal, yes, creating for my competitors. But in this community, your victory is my victory. Together, we’re not just athletes; we’re pioneers.

The Hometown Hero: Community Roots

I won’t forget where I came from. Kimball, Minnesota, may be small, but the town’s heart is huge. They’ve even dedicated a day to me—August 27th, known locally as Mike Schultz Day. It’s humbling, but more importantly, it highlights the collective spirit. We win together, we lose together, and we always, always keep pushing.

Training The Mind, Body, And Spirit

Preparation for the Games encompasses so much more than physical training. It’s mental fortitude, it’s technical expertise, it’s fear management. Yes, I’ve feared another life-altering injury. But courage isn’t the absence of fear—it’s staring fear in the face and charging ahead. My training regimen is holistic, focusing on balance, muscle control, strength, power, and endurance, ensuring I’m ready for anything the course throws at me.

Looking Ahead: The Journey Continues

Our narrative is far from over. As we crest each new hill, we’re setting sights on horizons not yet imagined. To those on their journey, embrace your hurdles. Relish them. It’s in these moments of high stress that you’re forged into something unbreakable. Together, let’s not just chase dreams; let’s craft legacies. Are you ready?

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