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Unlocking Accessible Stays on Airbnb: A Simple Guide

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Empowering Inclusive Travel: Airbnb’s Commitment to Accessibility

At Airbnb, we embrace the philosophy that everyone should be able to belong anywhere. With a commitment to making travel accessible and enjoyable for people with disabilities and various accessibility needs, we’ve enhanced our platform to help you find accommodations that suit your requirements seamlessly.

Discovering Accessible Stays: How to Use Airbnb’s Search Filters

Finding a place that meets your accessibility needs is now more straightforward. Whether you need an entrance with no steps, a wider doorway, or other specific features, our search functionality is designed to cater to your preferences.

Comprehensive Accessibility Features: Tailoring Your Search to Your Needs

Our platform allows you to filter accommodations based on a range of accessibility features. These include:

  • Step-free guest entrance
  • Step-free route to the guest entrance
  • Entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Accessible parking spots
  • Step-free bedroom and bathroom access
  • Doorways wider than 32 inches in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Shower chairs, step-free showers, and grab bars
  • Ceiling or mobile hoists

How to Filter for Accessibility on Different Devices: A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you’re using a desktop, iOS app, Android app, or mobile browser, filtering for accessible features is easy. Just enter your destination, dates, and guest number. After the search results appear, click on ‘Filters’, then ‘Show all accessibility features’, select your needed features, and view your tailored stays.

Delving Deeper into Listings: Finding Detailed Accessibility Information

Once you find a listing that seems right, you can find more about its accessibility features in two places:

Listing Description: Hosts often include accessibility details here.

Accessibility Section: This section provides photos and descriptions of the accessibility features.

Open Communication for Clarity: Contacting Hosts Directly

For additional information, don’t hesitate to use the ‘Contact Host’ button. Our hosts are ready to answer any queries about their accommodation’s accessibility features, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Ensuring a Welcoming Community: Our Nondiscrimination Policy

Airbnb’s Nondiscrimination Policy underlines our dedication to creating an inclusive, respectful community. This policy ensures that no guest is turned down due to a disability. We are continually working towards making our community more disability-friendly by facilitating the exchange of accessibility information between hosts and guests.

Discover how Airbnb is making travel accessible for everyone.

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