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Airbnb’s Continued Efforts in Making lodging Accessible

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Celebrating Global Accessibility: A Milestone in Airbnb’s Accessibility Journey

Airbnb is proud to announce a significant achievement: the verification of nearly 300,000 accessibility features in homes worldwide. This effort underlines our commitment to making travel more accessible for everyone.

The Rise of the Adapted Category: Showcasing Over 1,100 Unique Listings

Our Adapted category now features over 1,100 listings across the globe. This category includes some of the most extraordinary and unique accommodations, such as a treehouse in Brazil and a houseboat in Florida. Each listing is thoroughly verified with a 3D scan by Matterport, ensuring guests can book with confidence.

Empowering Hosts and Guests: The Success Story of the Adapted Category

In just the first four months, Adapted Hosts earned a collective $5.5 million, with the average host earning almost $4,000. This success highlights the demand for accessible travel options and the opportunities it presents for our hosts.

Innovative Accessibility Tools: Enhancing the Search and Booking Experience

Airbnb has introduced new tools, including improved accessibility controls and search filters, to support guests using assistive technologies. These tools make it easier to find listings with specific accessibility features, ensuring a smoother travel planning process.

The Most Wishlisted Adapted Homes: Discover Your Dream Accessible Stay

We’re excited to share the top ten most wishlisted homes in the Adapted category, offering inspiration for your next accessible getaway:

  • 1. Treehouse in Grandview, TX, United States
  • 2. Villa in Lake Worth, FL, United States
  • 3. Villa in Comporta, Portugal
  • 4. Chalet in Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 5. Villa in Egeo, Greece
  • 6. Log cabin in Bostic, NC, United States
  • 7. Eco home in Nevada City, CA, United States
  • 8. Cabin in Pilling, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • 9. Ski studio in Breckenridge, CO, United States
  • 10. Farmhouse in Barga, Tuscany, Italy

Partnerships and Advocacy: Strengthening Our Commitment to Inclusive Travel

Our commitment extends beyond our platform. Airbnb is a Worldwide Paralympic Partner since 2019 and the Official Hosting Partner of the Special Olympic World Games 2023. These partnerships highlight our dedication to raising awareness and promoting accessible accommodations globally.

Airbnb and the Global Disability Community: Building a More Accessible Future Together

Airbnb’s ongoing collaboration with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), disability advocates, and strategic partners continues to drive our mission of making travel accessible for all. We are dedicated to onboarding more accessibility-friendly listings and improving the travel experience for guests with disabilities and accessibility needs.

For more detailed insights and to discover these incredible homes, read the full article on Airbnb’s efforts to make travel more accessible.

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