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The Mission – Accessible Journeys for All


Raise awareness of the social and economic advantages of accessible tourism. It creates equal opportunities for all and is a business opportunity for destinations.
Apply universal design and international standards. People cross borders to travel and need to understand the characteristics of services being booked, worldwide.
Prioritize accessibility interventions Even in the case of scarce resources. Also train personnel, starting from the managers and decision-makers.
Incentivize entrepreneurship and a business ecosystem that offers accessible services. Inclusive destinations are more resilient and there is no sustainability without accessibility.
Advance labor inclusion of persons with disability. Destination authorities and companies that embrace accessibility are also well placed to diversify their workforce.

Public Sector Priorities

Embrace accessibility as an opportunity instead of a challenge.
Research visitors’ behavior, expenditure patterns and feedback on access improvements. Qualitative and quantitative data reveal what people need and what needs to be done.
Adopt laws, policies and standards which enhance people’s comfort, safety and life quality. Accessible tourism is good for everyone, both for visitors and locals.
Implement strategies that ensure new revenue streams and customers’ loyalty. Increased accessibility brings along competitive advantages for countries and destinations.

Private Sector Priorities

Upgrade accessible products and align key players on marketing, commercial strategies and platforms. There are many accessible offerings that fail to reach the target customers.
Diversify accessibility offerings and enable everyone to enjoy the beauty of travel. By innovating in accommodation, leisure and MICE services, you will reach new markets and attain a higher degree of service quality.
Innovate in transportation, information communication technologies and the digital agenda.

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Journeyable is a global community association of accessible travel advocates & pioneers. We believe travel, when accessible to all, is a catalyst for positive change for communities, local economies, governments, people and cultures.

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