A Deep Dive into Changi Airport’s Accessible Features

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The green affair! Inside Changi Airport in Singapore, Asia

Warm regards from Changi Airport in Singapore! We are delighted to showcase our commitment to inclusivity, particularly for travelers with disabilities. Join us as we explore the extensive accessibility features and services that make Changi Airport a beacon of comfort and seamless travel for all.

Introduction to Changi Airport

More than just an airport, we are dedicated to ensuring every journey is one of comfort and dignity, catering to individual needs with precision and care. Here is a quick link to the airport maps.

Getting To and From the Airport

Changi Airport offers various transport options for seamless travel to and from the airport:

Public Bus: Wheelchair-accessible buses equipped with ramps and designated wheelchair lots ensure smooth boarding and alighting procedures. Tactile guidance systems aid visually-impaired travelers at bus interchanges.

Train: Barrier-free facilities at MRT stations, including ramps, lifts, and wheelchair-accessible toilets, ensure accessibility throughout the journey. Wheelchair-friendly fare gates and train carriages, along with tactile guidance systems, assist visually-impaired travelers.

Taxi: Foldable wheelchairs can be stored in taxi boots, while larger wheelchairs can be accommodated in taxis with wider boot space. Ground Transport Concierge services assist in booking appropriate taxis.

Car: Ramp accessible drop-off and pick-up points are available at designated locations, with accessible parking spaces provided in various carparks.

Assistance for Persons With Reduced Mobility

Our special assistance services cater to travelers with reduced mobility, offering support from immigration to navigating the airport. Service animals are welcome, and porter and shopping concierge services are readily available to ensure a seamless journey.

Assistance for Persons With Invisible Disabilities

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by individuals with invisible disabilities, we offer discreet yet effective assistance. Our Changi Airport Social Story and lanyard identifiers discreetly signal the need for support, while our trained staff provide assistance with sensitivity and efficiency. You can watch our video here.

Accessible Amenities

Changi Airport provides a range of accessible amenities to enhance the comfort of all travelers, including accessible-route navigation guides on the iChangi App, an accessible changing room with adult diaper changing area, and hearing enhancement systems at information counters throughout the airport.

At Changi Airport, our vision is to make air travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone. With our continuous efforts to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, we remain committed to ensuring that every journey through Changi is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

For further information and specific details about our accessibility features, please visit our Special Assistance page. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to Changi Airport soon!

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