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Accessible Beach Escapes in Cuba

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Paradise beach on tropical island

Welcome to Cuba’s Accessible Shores.

Embracing Diversity in Travel

Cuba, the largest Caribbean island, is renowned for its stunning beaches and pristine offshore islands. Visit Cuba proudly presents an accessible guide to some of the island’s most beautiful and reachable beaches and cays, catering to travelers of all abilities.

Discovering Varadero’s Accessible Beaches

Ease of Access and Endless Fun Varadero, a renowned tourist destination, is not only famous for its all-inclusive resorts but also for its accessibility. Spanning over 12.5 miles, the Varadero peninsula offers a wide array of activities like scuba diving and yachting, all accessible to travelers with various needs.

Exploring Cayo Jutias: An Accessible Adventure

A Short Journey to Serenity Cayo Jutias, near the stunning Vinales countryside, is easily reachable by car or scooter, with a causeway connecting it to the mainland. This beach, known for its calm waters and availability of amenities like restaurants and rental shops, is perfect for all visitors.

Playas del Este: Havana’s Accessible Coastal Gem

A Stone’s Throw from the Capital Just 20 minutes from Havana, Playas del Este stretches over five miles, offering a less developed but highly accessible beach experience. Easily reachable by bus or taxi, it’s ideal for day trips from the capital with convenient hotel options for longer stays.

Playa Ancon: Trinidad’s Nearby Retreat

Accessible Tranquility Close to the City A short 10-minute ride from Trinidad, Playa Ancon is an accessible beach haven. With options for shuttle buses or taxis and affordable resort amenities, it provides a peaceful escape with 2.5 miles of accessible beachfront.

Cayo Levisa: A Secluded Accessible Paradise

A Journey Worth Taking Accessible from Vinales and Havana, Cayo Levisa is a secluded cay offering an exclusive beach experience. With a regular ferry service and a small resort, it boasts 1.5 miles of beach and excellent diving and snorkeling sites, all within reach for every traveler.

Cuba’s Beaches: An Inclusive Escape

Beyond the Mainstream Cuba’s coastlines offer more than just mainstream destinations. Visit Cuba encourages travelers to explore the less-traveled beaches and islands for an inclusive and adventurous experience. Our commitment to accessible tourism ensures that these natural wonders are open to all.

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