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Prosthetic Innovation: Transforming Travel Experiences

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Mike Schultz holding the prothetic leg he designed ©Mike SchultzBioDapt

I’ve experienced firsthand how custom prosthetics haven’t just changed the game in sports, but also revolutionized travel and daily activities for many, including myself.

The Birth Of BioDapt

After a snowmobiling accident in 2008 led to the amputation of my leg above the knee, I found that existing prosthetic equipment didn’t allow me to ride the way I did before my amputation. Leveraging my experience in fabrication and tuning suspension on my race equipment, I designed my own prosthetic knee – the Moto Knee. This versatile knee unit has helped me win multiple ESPN X Games medals in adaptive motocross and snocross events.

Recognizing that many other amputees could benefit from this equipment, I founded BioDapt in 2010. Our mission at BioDapt is to design, manufacture, and distribute high-performance lower limb prosthetic components used for action sports and other similar activities. Our equipment is sport specific, so it’s not something worn during travel, however, they are devices that can be brought with to enhance sport/activity experiences at the destinations.  

The Journey Continues

The journey of innovation continues at BioDapt. We’re constantly exploring new technologies and materials to further improve the performance and versatility of our prosthetics. Our goal is to enable amputees not just to participate in sports and activities they enjoy but also to excel in them.

Remember, it’s not about the destination; it’s about embracing the journey. And I am grateful for how custom prosthetics have revolutionized mine.

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