Embracing Change

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Unstoppable ©Bethany Hamilton

“The Only Constant in Life is Change”

– Heraclitus

My documentary Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable is full of examples of what adjusting and adapting has looked like in my life.

I’m going to share with you a statement, below, from my friend Aaron Lieber, the film’s director, to give you a glimpse into the Unstoppable film journey which included the very unexpected. As I’ve said before, Unstoppable was a true labor of love and a passion project for Aaron and me, but it never would have come to be if we hadn’t embraced change.

Enjoy this sneak peak into the evolution of Unstoppable…

Aaron Lieber’s Director Statement:

“I started creating Bethany’s film Unstoppable with the intent to change people’s perception of her. I had just finished two female surf films, Nike’s Leave A Message and another Zero To 100: The Lakey Peterson Story. Through those two films I had worked with all the best female surfers in the world and I saw that Bethany was at that level.

Initially we set out to make a short action film that would simply showcase her skill sets. A few months into the project Bethany landed one of the best airs of her life, and one of the best in female surf history.

We were off to an incredible start…

I started creating Bethany Hamilton’s film Unstoppable with the intent to change people’s perception of her.

– Aaron Lieber

“But then the unexpected happened; Bethany got pregnant. This was amazing and exciting news, but at the time I had no idea what it would mean for the film.

  • Would we fall short of our film goals?
  • Would we continue?
  • If we did, what would that look like?
  • How would we do it?

Making a film and traveling with a newborn baby seemed impossible…Bethany and her husband Adam took a few weeks to think about it all.

Bethany and Adam announce: Baby on Board!

“Finally, I got the call.

We were going to move forward with the film. As a group we knew this would mean a much bigger and more in depth film. The original film title was Surfs Like A Girl and it was at this point that the film evolved to become Unstoppable.

At the time I knew what an amazing opportunity this would be to document and redefine not only Bethany’s life, but what it means to be a mother, a woman, an athlete and simply a person. I had no idea that the film would evolve into a four year journey.

I hope people watch this film and are motivated to take action in their own life. The only constant in life is change and how you decide to adapt to these changes will define you. I can honestly say that you won’t plan the best things that will happen in your life, all you can do is live with intent. Set goals, pursue and adapt. Success isn’t a destination you will reach, it happens every day. It is the repetition of relentless persistence.” – Aaron

“The only constant in life is change and how you decide to adapt to these changes will define you.”

Aaron Lieber

Aaron’s last paragraph captures one thing we all hope you get out of the film, a reminder that life is about adapting to change. It is so true that the best things in life are rarely planned – my son Tobias is a perfect example of that fact. Adam and I both talked about adjusting to the surprise of pregnancy in our posts, Salt and You Can.

It is crazy to think that Unstoppable would never have been made had we not all adapted to the changes that came our way. Like Aaron said…set goals, pursue and adapt…you never know what will come your way.

Join me in my Unstoppable Year course for more equipping and encouraging, and a community that will cheer you on so you can be Unstoppable in your own life!

P.S. Unstoppable is now on Netflix and available for purchase at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and more. Order your dvd or digital copy today!

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