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Empowering Black Travelers: Green Book Global’s Journey

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Introducing Green Book Global:

Green Book Global is a groundbreaking platform and the first Black travel review site, revolutionizing the way Black travelers explore the world. This unique site offers a space where Black travelers can read and write destination reviews, book trips, and more. With a mission to inspire and empower Black travelers, Green Book Global has become a trusted resource, boasting over 5,000 reviews across more than 400 destinations.

The Green Book Global Origin Story:

Lawrence Phillips’ story is one of profound transformation and purpose. After spending over a decade in the fast-paced world of consulting, jet-setting around and playing a role he once deemed “important,” Lawrence had an epiphany. He realized that his true calling lay beyond the confines of the corporate rat race. Motivated by a desire to contribute something meaningful to the world, Lawrence made the bold decision to leave his established career behind.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Green Book Global. As a Black individual who often confronted the complexities and challenges of racism while traveling, Lawrence understood the need for a platform that could assure safety and accessibility for Black travelers. His vision was to create a digital space that echoed the spirit of the original Negro Motorist Green Book of 1936 – a safe haven for Black travelers seeking guidance and community.

From this blend of personal insight and a deep-seated desire to make a difference, Green Book Global was born. It stands today not just as a testament to Lawrence’s courage and commitment to change, but also as a beacon for Black travelers worldwide, offering them a sense of security, belonging, and empowerment.

Green Book Global’s Impactful Mission:

Green Book Global alleviates the anxiety of travel planning for Black travelers by providing valuable insights and reviews. It covers nine crucial dimensions of travel, with a special focus on the experience of “Traveling While Black.” Users can read reviews and then book trips with familiar brands like Expedia and VRBO, right from Green Book Global’s platform. In a unique twist, the platform shares back part of its commission earnings with users as cashback, further incentivizing community participation.

A One-Stop Travel Resource:

More than just a review site, Green Book Global is a comprehensive travel hub. It enables users to book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, activities, and travel insurance, with a special emphasis on supporting Black-owned businesses. This holistic approach makes it a valuable tool for Black travelers seeking both adventure and cultural connections.

To dive into the world of informed Black travel, visit Green Book Global’s website or you can follow them on Instagram.

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