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Exploring Israel’s Treasures

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Dome of Rock, Jerusalem

A Testament of Resilience and Purpose

Growing up attending Catholic schools, my connection to the Holy Land ran deep. Little did I know that a life-changing accident would set the stage for a unique journey. Even in challenging circumstances, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason. The Israel Ministry of Tourism extended a gracious invitation, leading to a trip that affirmed the greater plan and the inclusivity efforts of Israel.

Inclusive Israel: A Journey Beyond Expectations

Arriving at The Prima Royal Hotel, nestled in Jerusalem’s heart, my accessible room on the 4th floor offered a cozy retreat. While the bed’s height was slightly lower than ideal, the friendly staff made up for it. The room’s accessibility was a testament to Israel’s commitment to inclusivity in its accommodations.

Exploring Jerusalem: Triumphs Amid Challenges

Jerusalem’s Shabbat presented unique challenges, as many places closed down for 24 hours. Despite this, my journey through the city was a blend of awe and determination. Streets and attractions accessible to wheelchair users, such as the Prima Royal Hotel, were prevalent. The city is making strides toward universal accessibility.

Masada’s Majestic Ascent: Accessible Wonder

Our ascent of Masada, a truly breathtaking experience, showcased Israel’s commitment to inclusivity. The cable car ride to the top was accessible, and the pathways, smooth and well-maintained, allowed me to explore the historical wonders comfortably. Efforts for visitor accessibility were evident, enabling everyone to witness this iconic site.

Sacred Moments in the Holy City: Inclusivity Unveiled

Exploring the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall, while somewhat challenging, was made possible by the willingness of fellow travelers and the essential accessibility features. Ramps, accessible restrooms, and accommodating staff ensured that even these sacred spaces were accessible to all, regardless of mobility challenges.

Mediterranean Marvels: A Coastline of Accessible Delights

Visiting the vibrant Carmel open-air market, with its level walkways and accessible stalls, was a sensory delight. Moments by the Mediterranean shore, with wheelchair-friendly paths, were serene. Our experience at Pua Restaurant, where I met an advocate for disabilities, showcased Israel’s growing awareness of accessibility needs.

Reflections: A Purposeful Journey Continues

This journey, filled with triumphs over obstacles, and the accessibility strides I witnessed, has reaffirmed my role as an advocate for inclusive travel. Israel’s progress in making its historical and cultural treasures accessible for all is inspiring, and I hope this journey encourages others to explore the Holy Land with confidence.

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