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Favorite Utah Hikes

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Farm Trail

Location: Park City, UT

Length: 3.6 miles  

This trail is located near the McPolin trail that is not as accessible to wheelchairs. This trail is also near the famous McPolin farm which is a beautiful spot all year round but especially during the fall.  

Tip: Watch for no parking signs on the road. You do not want to be towed. There is a parking lot across the street from the farm house with a walkway under the road that leads up to the farm. 

Silver Lake Loop Trail

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, Big Cottonwood Canyon 

Length: 1 mile loop 

This trail is so beautiful to visit anytime of year but is not as accessible in winter because of snow that has not been cleared on the trail. This trail is 1/2 boardwalk, 1/4 gravel and 1/2 dirt trail.

Tip: Go in the early morning or weeknights for better parking and to avoid the crowds.

Horse Flats Trail

Location: Pleasant Grove, UT, Alpine Loop

Length: 2.4 miles 

This trail is beautiful to do in the summer; there are lots of mountain wildflowers along the trail. Great family friendly trail.

Tip: This trail is at the very top of the Alpine Loop. The trailhead parking lot is called Alpine Loop Summit parking lot. Make sure you have either a National Parks Pass or an American Fork Canyon day pass displayed prominent in your window.

Donut Falls Trail

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, Big Cottonwood Canyon. 

Length: 1.5 miles 

This trail is a very beautiful and popular trail in Utah; it’s worth giving it a go, despite the crowds sometimes. There are two parts of this trail. We took the left path when we hiked it. It was a bit rocky in parts but not terribly bad. It’s a trail I would definitely visit again.  

Tip: Go early to get parking close to the trailhead. It fills up fast. Also, in the winter months you will have to park in the bottom parking lot even if you go early because they close the road. 

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