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Setting the Adaptive Standard with GAMUT’s Seal

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Disabled Sportswoman with Prosthetic Leg wearing a pink tracksuit

The GAMUT Seal of Approval™, launched in 2023, emerged from the concerns raised by people with disabilities (PWDs). Frequently, PWDs asked valid questions about the sincerity and legitimacy of brands entering the Adaptive space. In response to the absence of a standardized vetting process, the Seal established a clear and recognized standard for authenticity in productions, products or services developed with and for PWDs.

At the same time, brands have grappled with effectively communicating their commitment. Some have created their own “badge,” but the lack of a universal standard dilutes the impact. The GAMUT Seal of Approval™ addresses this gap, providing a tangible and widely recognized marker of authenticity and dedication to inclusivity.

Defining The GAMUT Seal Of Approval™

The GAMUT Seal of Approval™ is a mark to reassure customers who purchase Adaptive products and services that a stringent set of requirements developed by experts in the disability space have been met. This helps to make Adaptive products and services that were created authentically easier to identify.

Adidas Leads the Way

Adidas earned the first Seal of Approval™ for their innovative Adaptive backpack, developed inclusively with PWDs at every step—from initial designs to marketing strategies. This backpack, with its user-centered features, epitomizes inclusivity, setting a new standard in the industry.

The Transformative Power Of Adaptive Fashion

Adaptive fashion can profoundly impact PWDs by increasing independence and boosting confidence. The fashion industry must recognize and meet this community’s unique needs with functional, stylish products. The GAMUT Seal plays a crucial role in ensuring these products prioritize the users’ needs.

Broadening The GAMUT Seal’s Horizons

The ambition for the GAMUT Seal of Approval™ extends beyond fashion, and can be applied to services and even the entertainment industry. Such wide-ranging applications highlight GAMUT’s commitment to all-encompassing inclusivity, as the essence of the Seal lies in how companies or productions involve people with disabilities in the creation process. 

The Value Of The GAMUT Seal

To consumers, the Seal signifies trust, showing that experts, including PWDs, have thoroughly vetted the product. For brands, it acknowledges their commitment to creating inclusive Adaptive products, backed by a culture that genuinely supports inclusion. 

Ultimately, the GAMUT Seal of Approval™ symbolizes unwavering commitment to fostering a more inclusive world. It champions design and development processes that inherently include people with disabilities and embrace everyone’s needs, thereby better reflecting the diversity of humanity. 

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