Accessibility of Georgia State: Overview

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Introduction: Exploring Georgia’s Diverse Regions

Georgia, a state with a rich tapestry of culture and nature, is divided into distinct regions, each offering unique experiences for visitors of all abilities. From the bustling metropolis of Atlanta to the historic charm of Savannah and the scenic beauty of the Appalachian foothills, Georgia’s regions are inclusive and welcoming.

Getting to Georgia: Airports and Accessibility

Major Airports in Georgia:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): Known for its efforts to provide an inclusive travel experience, ATL offers services such as the TSA Cares helpline for travelers with disabilities and a multisensory room for autistic travelers. For more information click here.

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV): SAV strives for seamless travel for all, with services like wheelchair assistance upon request.

Transportation to and from Airports: Georgia’s major airports provide accessible shuttle services, public transportation, and taxi/ride-share services with wheelchair accessibility.

Navigating Georgia: Accessible Public Transportation

City Transit Systems: Atlanta’s MARTA system offers accessible buses and rail cars. Stations are equipped with elevators and escalators, and buses have low-floor designs for easy boarding. MARTA Mobility provides paratransit services on a reservation basis.

Regional Transit: Chatham Area Transit (CAT) in Savannah features buses with lifts and easy boarding features. CAT also offers a shared-ride, origin-to-destination service for eligible customers with disabilities.

Accessible Train Travel: AMTRAK operates two long-distance train lines in Georgia, with accessible space available by reservation. They accommodate various types of mobility devices and offer guidelines for boarding and detraining.

Lodging in Georgia: Comfortable and Accessible Accommodations

Georgia offers a diverse range of accessible lodging options to suit every traveler’s needs. This includes comfortable hotels, cozy cabins, and unique accommodations across the state. Many establishments provide accessible rooms and facilities, catering to guests with varying accessibility requirements. It’s recommended to verify specific accessibility features in advance to ensure a stay that meets your individual needs.

Accessible Attractions and Activities in Georgia

State Parks and Outdoor Adventures: Georgia’s state parks are designed to be accessible, featuring trails and facilities that allow all visitors to appreciate the state’s natural beauty. These parks provide a range of outdoor activities suitable for visitors with disabilities.

Cultural and Historical Exploration: Georgia’s rich cultural and historical tapestry is accessible to everyone. Many museums and historical sites across the state have been adapted to offer enriching and inclusive experiences for visitors of all abilities.

For more detailed information on Georgia’s accessible attractions, click here.

Resources and Contacts for Accessible Travel in Georgia

To assist our visitors we offer detailed accessibility information organized by region. You can explore specific regions and their accessible features:

Click here to view the complete list of regions. These resources provide valuable information to ensure a comfortable and inclusive travel experience in Georgia.

Georgia warmly welcomes travelers with disabilities, offering a plethora of accessible experiences across its diverse regions. From the historic streets of Savannah to the tranquil beauty of Tybee Island and the natural splendor of state parks, Georgia ensures inclusivity is at the heart of its attractions. We encourage you to explore the Peach State, knowing that it’s equipped to provide an enriching and accessible journey for all. For further details and to plan your Georgia adventure, please visit our dedicated accessibility pages.

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