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Empowering Women Travelers: The Greether Story

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Meet Greether: A Pioneer in Women’s Solo Travel:

Discover Greether, an innovative San Francisco-based startup transforming the landscape of solo female travel. Founded by Vanessa Karel, Greether has developed a groundbreaking platform designed to empower solo women travelers. By connecting them with verified local female “Greeters,” the service offers more than just guidance; it provides a unique blend of friendship, local insight, and safety tips, ensuring a more confident and enriching travel experience.

The Greether Origin Story:

Vanessa’s own experiences as a solo traveler, particularly a challenging episode stranded in Morocco during the Covid-19 pandemic, sparked the creation of Greether. Recognizing the need for a service that could offer safety and connection, Greether was born. It stands as a solution for women who wish to explore the world solo, but with the added assurance of local knowledge and safety tips from trusted Greeters.

Greether’s Impact and Mission:

The platform addresses a critical need in the female travel market. With women comprising 60% of international travelers, safety concerns remain a significant barrier. Greether is not just a travel service; it’s a movement towards safer, more empowered solo female travel. The company’s mission extends beyond tourism, as it creates job opportunities for women and plays a vital role in preventing gender-based violence.

Why we Invested in Greether

Investing in Greether is investing in a safer, more inclusive world for solo female travelers. The platform not only enhances travel safety but also fosters women’s empowerment and generates meaningful employment in sustainable tourism. By facilitating authentic local experiences, Greether bridges cultural gaps and fosters global connections.

Connecting with Greether:

Interested in learning more or embarking on a solo journey with confidence? Follow @greet.her on social media and visit their website to discover the array of destinations where Greether’s local Greeters are ready to welcome you. This platform isn’t just about travel; it’s a step towards a world where women can explore independently and securely.

To gain a deeper understanding of Greether’s story be sure to read the full article here.

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