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Empowering Women Travelers: The Greether Story

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Meet Greether: A Pioneer in Women’s Solo Travel:

Discover Greether, an innovative San Francisco-based startup transforming the landscape of solo female travel. Founded by Vanessa Karel, Greether has developed a groundbreaking platform designed to empower solo women travelers. By connecting them with verified local female “Greeters,” the service offers more than just guidance; it provides a unique blend of friendship, local insight, and safety tips, ensuring a more confident and enriching travel experience.

The Greether Origin Story:

Vanessa’s own experiences as a solo traveler, particularly a challenging episode stranded in Morocco during the Covid-19 pandemic, sparked the creation of Greether. Recognizing the need for a service that could offer safety and connection, Greether was born. It stands as a solution for women who wish to explore the world solo, but with the added assurance of local knowledge and safety tips from trusted Greeters.

Greether’s Impact and Mission:

The platform addresses a critical need in the female travel market. With women comprising 60% of international travelers, safety concerns remain a significant barrier. Greether is not just a travel service; it’s a movement towards safer, more empowered solo female travel. The company’s mission extends beyond tourism, as it creates job opportunities for women and plays a vital role in preventing gender-based violence.


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