Guide To Accessible Travel In Greece

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Beautiful panoramic view of Assos village with vivid colorful houses near blue turquoise colored and transparent bay lagoon. Kefalonia, Greece

Greece, known as the cradle of Western civilization, beckons with its blend of history, culture, and natural allure. From the timeless ruins of Athens to the shimmering islands of the Aegean Sea, Greece has stories waiting for every visitor. For those with accessible needs or disabilities, Greece isn’t just a historical treasure trove but also an increasingly welcoming modern destination. This guide will illuminate your path.

Greece’s Commitment to Accessibility

In the recent past, Greece has prioritized inclusivity for all travelers. Whether you’re landing at one of its international airports or dreaming of sunbathing on its pristine beaches, you’ll find amenities designed to cater to those with disabilities.

Accessible Arrivals at Greek Airports

Every Grecian adventure likely begins at one of its airports:

Athens International Airport (ATH): Athens offers accessible toilets, ramps, elevators, and designated parking spaces to ensure a smooth arrival. Should you need a wheelchair, it’s available upon request.

Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG): Improved facilities include accessible restrooms, ramps, and special parking spaces. Wheelchair assistance is also available.

Heraklion International Airport (HER): On the beautiful island of Crete, this airport has made accessibility a priority with facilities such as ramps and toilets. Assistance for travelers with disabilities is available either in advance or upon arrival.

Rhodes International Airport (RHO): With accessible restrooms, ramps, and parking, Rhodes ensures travelers with disabilities are well-accommodated.

Kos International Airport (KGS): Kos Airport has amenities like accessible restrooms and ramps. Wheelchair assistance? Simply request it.

Chania International Airport (CHQ): Chania, another gem on Crete, offers accessible facilities like ramps and toilets. Assistance is available both prior to and upon arrival.

To enhance your travel experience, it’s a good practice to communicate your specific needs to your airline and airport before you embark.

Exploring Greece’s Accessible Wonders

The legends and tales of ancient Greece come alive at its historical sites, many of which have been made accessible:

Acropolis of Athens: This iconic monument now features paths and ramps for all to access. Wheelchair users can use the main entrance and explore the Acropolis Museum.

Ancient Agora of Athens: With accessible paths, every traveler can enjoy this site and delve into ancient Greek history.

Delphi Archaeological Site: Known for its ancient oracle, Delphi has provided ramps and pathways for everyone to explore.

Mycenae Archaeological Site: Its accessible pathways ensure every visitor appreciates its historical significance.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens: Delve into Greek antiquities in this museum with its accessible facilities.

Olympia Archaeological Site: The birthplace of the Olympic Games is now more accessible than ever with its ramps and pathways.

Greek Islands: Islands like Santorini and Mykonos have embraced accessibility with accommodations, accessible beach wheelchairs, and transport options.

Journeying Through Greece with Ease

Moving around Greece has been made convenient with several transportation options:

Public Transportation: Cities like Athens and Thessaloniki offer buses and metros equipped with ramps and spaces for wheelchair users.

Accessible Taxis: Found in cities such as Athens, these taxis cater to passengers with mobility challenges.

Ferries: If the islands beckon, accessible ferries are at your service.

Vehicle Rentals: Companies offer accessible vehicles for those looking to drive around.

Relaxed Stays and Stunning Beaches

Choose accommodations that prioritize accessibility, with features like wider doorways and roll-in showers. Greece’s beaches, like Kokkari Beach and Elafonissi Beach, offer ramps and accessible wheelchairs to ensure everyone enjoys the Grecian sun and sea.

Savor Greece’s Culinary and Cultural Delights

Dine at accessible restaurants and relish mouthwatering Greek cuisine. Enjoy cultural performances at venues equipped to ensure all can witness Greece’s vibrant traditions. Accessible tours with trained guides are also available.

Resources for a Memorable Visit

Some years ago one could say that Greece was not designed for “people on wheelchairs”… Not anymore !!! After the Special Olympics Event in 2004, anyone in a wheelchair will be able to visit Greece with confidence. Organizations like the National Confederation of Disabled People (NCDP) and local tourism offices can further assist in crafting a perfect trip.


With its rich tapestry of stories, inviting landscapes, and warmth, Greece is carving a niche as an accessible travel haven. By planning ahead and leveraging available resources, an unforgettable Grecian experience awaits. Dive into its history, relish its cuisine, and bask on its beaches. Greece is ready and waiting, with accessibility and adventure hand in hand. Safe travels!

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