London heathrow: Accessible Facilities

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Welcome to London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is dedicated to providing a travel experience that is comfortable and accessible for all passengers. With a wide range of services and facilities, LHR ensures that every traveler, regardless of their needs, can navigate the airport with ease and confidence.

Accessible Facilities:

  • Accessible Restrooms: Unisex accessible toilets are conveniently located near most toilet blocks in the airport, catering to the needs of passengers with disabilities.
  • Accessible Parking: LHR offers disabled parking bays in all airport parking lots. These bays are positioned close to terminal entrances or elevators for convenience. In car parks further from the airport, disabled parking is located near shuttle bus stops.
  • Elevators and Escalators: The airport is equipped with elevators and escalators, making it easy for passengers to move between different levels.
  • Assistance Services: Heathrow provides facilities like induction loops, wheelchair-accessible telephones, and text phones for passengers who are hard of hearing. Reserved seating areas, marked with special needs pictograms, are also available.

Visual and Auditory Aids:

  • Braille Signage: To assist visually impaired travelers, Braille signage is available throughout the airport.
  • Assistance for Non-Visible Disabilities: The Sunflower Lanyard Program at LHR allows staff to subtly identify travelers who may need an additional level of customer service due to less visible disabilities.

Accessible Transportation:

  • Ground Transportation: Heathrow provides various accessible transportation options, including taxis and door-to-door shuttle services with wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Assistance from your vehicle can be arranged by contacting the relevant service.
  • Public Transport Access: Heathrow’s train stations, including those for the Heathrow Express and Elizabeth Line, offer unaided wheelchair access and accessible barriers. The London Underground stations at Heathrow also provide step-free access to platforms.

Traveling with Assistance Animals:

Heathrow and its airline partners welcome service dogs. Click here for some helpful advice and guidance to ensure you and your animal have a smooth and comfortable journey through the airport.

Accessible Services:

  • Wheelchair Assistance: Passengers can pre-arrange wheelchair assistance through their airline. Assistance is also available for loading and unloading at the curb for drivers with disabilities.
  • Special Assistance Boarding: Passengers with disabilities are given priority and special assistance during the boarding process.

Air Travel for Everyone:

LHR is committed to making air travel accessible for everyone. The airport actively collaborates with various groups and organizations to continually enhance its services and facilities, ensuring a welcoming environment for all travelers.

Your journey through London Heathrow Airport is designed to be a memorable and enjoyable experience. We thank you for choosing LHR as your travel hub and look forward to serving you on your next adventure.

For more detailed information and assistance, please visit the Heathrow Airport Assistance and Accessibility section.

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