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Elevating Accessibility at Hyatt Centric Melbourne

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Premier suite accessible at the Hyatt centric Melbourne ©World of Hyatt

Welcome to Hyatt Centric Melbourne, a jewel in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling CBD. Our hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s an experience in accessibility, comfort, and luxury. As we at Hyatt are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all guests, Hyatt Centric Melbourne is a shining example of this dedication. Let us guide you through the many facets that make our hotel an exceptional choice for travelers who value both accessibility and elegance.

A Prime Location with Accessible Elegance

Hyatt Centric Melbourne is conveniently situated on Downie Street, offering effortless access to SeaLife Melbourne, Southbank’s entertainment precinct, and the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Our location ensures that guests, regardless of mobility needs, can fully enjoy the vibrancy of Melbourne.

Suite Comfort: Luxurious and Wheelchair-Friendly

At Hyatt Centric Melbourne, our accessible suites are a testament to our unwavering commitment to comfort and inclusivity. Room 1706 stands as a prime example, showcasing how luxury and accessibility can harmoniously coexist.

Expansive and Thoughtfully Designed Layout

The suite’s spacious layout is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of guests with mobility challenges. It encompasses a fully equipped kitchen, a cozy dining area, a relaxing lounge, a separate bedroom, and an accessible bathroom. Each space is designed with wide door clearances, ensuring easy navigation for wheelchair users.

Kitchen – Convenience at Your Fingertips

The kitchen in our accessible suite is a blend of functionality and elegance. It features a full-size fridge, a microwave, and a coffee maker, allowing guests to enjoy the comforts of home. The sink is fitted with lever taps for easy use, and the kitchen’s layout provides ample circulation space, making meal preparation a breeze for all guests.

Bedroom – A Haven of Comfort

The bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation. The king-sized bed is set at a height of 58cm, facilitating easy transfers from a wheelchair. The under-bed clearance of 8cm ensures that mobility devices can be conveniently stored. The bedroom also boasts exceptional circulation space around the bed, and a television for added entertainment.

Bathroom – Accessible Luxury

Our suite’s bathroom redefines accessible luxury. It is exceptionally spacious and fitted with essential accessibility features. Grab rails are strategically placed around the room for support. The shower is equipped with a height-adjustable head, and lever taps are installed for ease of use. The toilet comes with a backrest for added comfort, and the bathroom door clearance is 86cm, accommodating different mobility aids.

For those who request it, a shower chair is available, enhancing the safety and comfort of our guests. The bathroom also features a wheelchair-accessible sink with ample room underneath, and all towels and amenities are positioned at a lowered height for easy reach. In addition, many guests have expressed a desire for both an accessible shower and the luxury of a bath. Hyatt Centric Melbourne fulfills this wish with a beautifully designed bath in the suite’s bathroom, perfect for a relaxing soak.

Comprehensive Accessibility Details

– Bathroom Door Clearance: 86cm, ensuring easy access for wheelchairs.

– Toilet Height: The height to the pan is 43cm, and to the seat is 45cm, accommodating various mobility needs.

– Shower and Bath: The suite features a roll-in accessible shower and a luxurious bath, each designed with safety and comfort in mind.

Every aspect of the accessible suite in Hyatt Centric Melbourne is carefully considered to ensure that comfort and accessibility are not just amenities, but integral parts of the experience. 

Beyond the Suite: A World of Accessibility

The Hyatt Centric Melbourne extends its commitment to accessibility beyond the suites. Our pool, complete with gentle ramp access and a pool hoist, is a testament to our dedication to inclusivity. The hotel also boasts wheelchair-accessible conference facilities and a well-equipped gym, ensuring all guests have access to our full range of amenities.

Dining at Toma: An Accessible Culinary Delight

Toma, our in-house restaurant, offers a delightful breakfast experience with an accessible a la carte menu. Positioned to allow guests to enjoy the city’s morning charm, Toma ensures that all guests, regardless of mobility, can indulge in a culinary journey.

At Hyatt Centric Melbourne, we believe in creating a space where luxury and accessibility go hand in hand. Our commitment to inclusivity is evident in every aspect of our hotel, from the spacious suites to the accessible amenities. And we’re proud to extend this commitment across the Hyatt brand. On our website, you can easily filter for accessible rooms, ensuring a comfortable stay for all. Discover the blend of luxury and accessibility at Hyatt Centric Melbourne – your home away from home in the heart of the city.

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