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Your guide to geothermal spring resorts in Iceland

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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland ©Getty Images

Indulge in tranquility on the ring road

Whether it’s sunshine or snow, daylight or the dark of night, any day is perfect for an invigorating dip in a geothermal bath. That’s the universal sentiment in Iceland, a country where the warmth of geothermal springs is as cherished as it is abundant. Spas throughout the nation have raised the bar, offering eclectic locations, enhanced facilities, and undeniably scenic vistas.

Things to do

The Blue Lagoon
Nestled amidst a rugged lava field and just a stone’s throw from the airport, Iceland’s most sought-after tourist haven, the Blue Lagoon, was serendipitously born. It started when superheated water, originating from deep within the earth, was harnessed to energize a geothermal power plant nearby. A fortunate revelation of the water’s therapeutic properties led to the creation of the Blue Lagoon as we know it. Today, visitors immerse themselves in pools rich in healing minerals, with the silica infusing the water with a mesmerizing blue-green hue and forming therapeutic mud on the lagoon’s bed. This wonder not only captivates but has also been proven to alleviate skin ailments, including psoriasis.

Sky Lagoon
Drawing from the deep roots of Icelandic tradition, Sky Lagoon offers more than just a warm soak. It encapsulates the entire historical essence, from the cozy warmth of a turf house to the invigorating chill of a stone-crafted plunge pool. Its design, a symphony of gray-blue and lush green, mirrors the encompassing vistas. Here, each visitor’s journey is enhanced by guides, extending from the tranquil lagoon waters to a refreshing cold-mist space.

The striking 75-meter infinity pool serves panoramas stretching over Faxa Bay, even reaching the Presidential residence. Sip on a beverage from the in-pool bar, relishing the warmth without relinquishing the extraordinary sight.

Krauma Baths
Fueled by Deildartunguhver, Europe’s most vigorous hot spring, Krauma’s pristine waters don’t just promise purity but an unbroken tranquility, thanks to its smaller scale compared to counterparts. Just a short journey from Reykjavík, it’s a world where unique flora thrives, and geothermal magic fosters lush greenhouses nearby.

Hvammsvík Hot Springs
Positioned by the scenic Hval Fjord, the Hvammsvík Hot Springs are a harmonious blend of nature’s elements. The baths, seeming almost organic in their surroundings, offer varying experiences with the ebb and flow of tides. Here, sea swimming isn’t just an activity; it’s a form of therapy, endorsed even by extreme wellness enthusiasts.

Forest Lagoon
A testament to nature’s gifts, the Forest Lagoon was an unforeseen bounty uncovered during tunnel excavations. Now, it stands as a beacon of relaxation overlooking Akureyri, with its charm quintessentially Scandinavian. New pathways meander through the enveloping woods, enhancing its allure.

Mývatn Nature Baths
Dubbed the “Northern Blue Lagoon,” these baths near Lake Mývatn offer more than geothermal bliss. The mineral-rich, bacteria-free waters glow a brilliant blue, inviting guests for healthful immersion. From here, the natural reserve sprawls before you, a potential canvas for the Northern Lights.

GeoSea baths
In Húsavík, what began as humble bathing in a cheese barrel transformed into the majestic GeoSea baths. Perched on the cliff, these pools might afford you a spectacle of humpback whales amidst icy mountain backdrops, all from the comfort of geothermal seawater.

Vök Baths
Upon the serene waters of Lake Urriðavatn lie the Vök Baths, a tranquil escape fed by hot springs concealed within the lake depths. These floating sanctuaries promise warmth and mystery, named after the very phenomena that led to their discovery.

Laugarvatn Fontana
Beyond a place for relaxation, Laugarvatn Fontana introduces visitors to geothermal baking, where rye bread rises from the geothermal warmth, ready to be savored with local delicacies post your rejuvenating bath.

The Secret Lagoon
In Flúðir lies an enduring piece of history, the Secret Lagoon. As Iceland’s oldest swimming haven, it offers a simpler, raw experience, enriched by geothermal marvels seen in the frequent eruptions of a neighboring geyser.

Húsafell Canyon Baths
Near the whispers of lava caves and the shadows of glaciers, Húsafell’s exclusive baths offer seclusion and scenic splendor, drawing inspiration from historic luxury.

Each of these geothermal treasures offers a unique dive into Iceland’s restorative spirit, promising visitors not just a warm soak but an immersive experience into the country’s rich heritage, natural beauty, and innovative wellness culture.

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