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Exploring Inclusivity with Vamos Expeditions

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Vamos Expeditions Peru ©Reset Tourism Fund

How Vamos Expeditions Is Making an Impact:

Vamos Expeditions stands out for its commitment to creating a positive social and environmental impact. By collaborating with local small businesses and supporting rural economies, Vamos helps preserve cultural heritage and natural habitats. Environmental protection is a core tenet of their operations, with initiatives like low-impact camping and a push towards eliminating single-use plastics. Vamos also offsets its carbon footprint through UN-certified programs. Furthermore, Vamos’s approach to tourism fosters deep connections between travelers and local communities, promoting respect and empathy.

Vamos’s Unique Approach to Inclusive Travel:

Vamos Expeditions is not just about travel; it’s about creating accessible adventures for everyone. Their efforts to cater to underserved travelers with disabilities include specialized courses and certifications, making them authorities in inclusive tourism. Vamos’s unique offerings range from skiing for the visually impaired to hiking adventures for people with prostheses, emphasizing their commitment to inclusivity.

The Vamos Expeditions Origin Story:

Vamos Expeditions, a trailblazer in inclusive and sustainable tourism, began with a vision to merge adventure with social responsibility. Founded in 2004 by Annelies Hamerlinck and Daniel Diaz-Silva Frola, Vamos faced early tragedy with Daniel’s passing. Annelies, a Belgian-born social entrepreneur with extensive experience in guiding adventure tours across various continents, continued their dream. Her academic background in sports, eco-tourism, and business administration has been instrumental in shaping Vamos into a leader in responsible tourism in South America.

The UnTours Foundation invested in Vamos to fund marketing and communications to increase the number of underserved persons with disabilities to travel with Vamos and to invest in specialized courses and certifications that would give Vamos more authority in the field of inclusive tourism.

Connecting Communities and Conservation:

Vamos’s impact extends beyond tourism. Their commitment to conservation and community engagement is evident in their support for local nonprofits and environmental initiatives. This approach ensures that Vamos’s journeys are not only memorable experiences for travelers but also beneficial to the local communities and ecosystems they touch.

Engaging with Educational Tourism:

Vamos has carved a niche in educational tourism, hosting students from diverse fields like MBA and nursing. These trips are more than just vacations; they are immersive learning experiences that connect students with real-world applications of their studies.

Join the Vamos Journey:

Engage with Vamos Expeditions and explore their unique travel experiences. Visit their website, follow their Instagram,  and watch their adventures on YouTube. By sharing their stories, you can become part of their mission to transform tourism into a force for good.

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