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Israel: Pioneering Accessibility for All

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Israel dead sea

Israel is a beautiful tapestry of culture, history, and spirituality. It’s an amalgamation of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity. However, travelers often wonder about accessibility, especially those with mobility challenges.

Recently, Israel’s number of visitors has experienced an unprecedented growth. Globally, more individuals are achieving their dream of exploring this rich land. The Israeli Ministry of Tourism is fervently dedicated to ensuring everyone, irrespective of any impairment, can enjoy what Israel offers.

In the domain of accessibility, Israel isn’t just making strides – it’s leading. A world pioneer in accessibility legislation, Israel’s commitment is evident in its infrastructure and services. The goal? A smooth, accepting, and memorable stay for all.

NGOs and Accessible Travel

Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael: In recent times, KKL-JNF has been laboriously making its forests and parks more inclusive for the physically challenged. Their goal is audacious yet heartfelt: open nature to every individual, ensuring safe and comfortable movement. They’ve even introduced nature to special education schoolyards with pioneering projects. Explore their endeavors at kkl-jnf.org.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) is revolutionizing its sites to welcome individuals with disabilities. They’re fervently upgrading accessibility across national parks, antiquities, nature reserves, and heritage sites. For further insights and detailed maps, visit their official site at parks.org.il.

Yad Sarah for Tourists: For individuals with accessible needs, Yad Sarah offers comprehensive assistance ensuring a peaceful and delightful vacation. From lending medical equipment and aiding in transportation to recommending specialized tour guides, they’ve got you covered. Reach out to them at +972-2-6444382 or chaimvi@yadsarah.org.il.

Access Israel: Established by Yuval Wagner in 1999, this non-profit champions accessibility and inclusion across various spheres of life. Their plethora of projects range from raising awareness in schools to accessibility consulting for businesses. They’re shaping an accessible and inclusive society from the grassroots. Dive deeper into their mission on the Access Israel website.

LOTEM focuses on outdoor activities for children with accessible needs, offering outdoor education and accessible hikes. Learn about their impactful activities at lotem.net.


Israel Airport Authority: Legally, while the Airport Authority provides the infrastructure, handling disabled passengers and their baggage is the airline’s responsibility. For more details, visit iaa.gov.il.

Ground handling companies include:

Public transportation: Both trains and buses have made strides in accessibility. While city buses are tailored for all, inter-state buses are in transition towards full accessibility. Taxis, although less frequent, can be pre-ordered here.


By law, every Israeli accommodation with seven or more rooms must have at least one accessible room. Establishments with 25 or more employees also need an Accessibility Supervisor. This ensures travelers can find suitable lodgings throughout the country, although a pre-visit email for specifics is always a good idea.

The journey to explore the beauty of Israel is now more accessible than ever. Whether you’re floating in the Dead Sea, wandering through the alleyways of Jerusalem, or enjoying the vibrant life in Tel Aviv, Israel promises a seamless experience for everyone. Dive deep into its beauty, knowing that Israel has taken extensive measures to welcome everyone with open arms.

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