Longboat Key Club Resort: Our Family’s Go-To Spot

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Aerial image of Florida Longboat Key Club

Our Family’s Journey: Embracing Every Adventure

For our family, getting out and seeing the world has always been something special. But when Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy became a part of our lives, the idea of traveling started to feel more like a distant dream. The extra costs and uncertainties—like not knowing if a hotel’s ‘accessible’ room truly meets our needs—made each trip feel like a gamble. It was about more than just packing up the kids; it was wondering if the places we’d go could really welcome us all.

Finding a Home Away from Home at Longboat Key Resort

Our travels led us to discover a gem in Florida – Longboat Key Club Resort. This place is SO special to us not just for its stunning scenery but for its commitment to making everyone feel welcome, including families like ours that face unique challenges.

Accommodations That Welcome Everyone

The resort offers spacious accommodations, designed with everyone in mind. Their rooms are equipped with features like roll-in showers, making sure that comfort is never compromised, no matter your needs. You can review the rooms here!

Accessibility at Every Turn

It’s not just about the accommodations, though. The entire resort is a testament to thoughtful, inclusive design. From the wonderful staff, self-operating lifts and accessible beach paths. Every detail is considered to ensure that everyone can enjoy what the resort has to offer.

A Collaborative Approach to Inclusivity

What truly sets Longboat Key Club Resort apart for us is their willingness to listen and adapt. They involved us in their renovation plans, seeking to understand and incorporate our insights into making the resort even more welcoming for families with accessibility needs.

A Moment of Inspiration at Longboat Key Club

One really memorable visit to Florida’s Longboat Key Club, while Tanner and I enjoyed the pool with the help of our Perfect Lift, a conversation with a kind onlooker highlighted its wider impact. Her excitement upon seeing the device and recognizing its potential for the elderly she works with was a moment of true connection. Now people world-wide can purchase The Perfect Lift. This experience at the club, known for its welcoming spirit, underscored how simple innovations like The Perfect Lift can foster inclusivity, bringing joy and freedom to many more lives.

Family photo on the terrace at Longboat Key Resort, FL.

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