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Entrance of Lotte Hotel ©Lotte Palace Hotel

Introduction to the Engagement

Adding another iconic Manhattan five-star hotel to our roster of terrific clients, Slatin Group held a roundtable discussion and Elements of Service workshops for leaders and staff at the Lotte New York Palace in mid-August.

Planning and Execution

This engagement has been in the planning process since early in the pandemic. Now, with the hotel running full-tilt into the busy fall and holiday season, we were gratified by the attentiveness and engagement that the Palace leaders showed during our roundtable and by their positive feedback.

Understanding the Human Aspect of ADA Compliance

Our initiatives offer a deeper understanding of the human aspect behind the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s not just about adhering to the physical modifications necessitated by the ADA; it’s equally about fostering informed, empathetic interactions with clients and employees who have disabilities or special needs. Such interactions are pivotal in cultivating loyalty and enhancing brand recognition.

The Growing Importance of Accessibility in a Changing Demographic

Currently, over 50 million Americans live with a physical or cognitive challenge that influences their travel, shopping, and both professional and leisure activities. As our population ages, these numbers are expected to increase, not only in absolute terms but also as a proportion of the total population. Predictions suggest that the count of individuals with disabilities could more than double by the middle of this century. Technological advancements in accessibility and mobility are poised to significantly boost universal access for this substantial demographic.

Moreover, these improvements will likely augment the financial independence and earning potential of people with disabilities. As a result, individuals using wheelchairs, as well as those with visual, auditory, and cognitive impairments, are set to become increasingly prominent and active in community life. Businesses that proactively invest in training and education to adapt to these evolving needs among their clientele and workforce will undoubtedly be at the forefront of this change.

Leadership Commitment to Disability Inclusion and Accessibility

Becky Hubbard, serving as General Manager for many years, alongside HR Director Michele Stuckhardt and Sales & Marketing Manager David Shenman, have expressed a strong commitment to this cause. They aspire for their vast team to deeply engage with and understand disability inclusion, as well as the nuances of social, digital, and physical accessibility. Their goal is to equip their staff with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively cater to the varied needs of guests with disabilities at the Palace — and to set a standard in the wider fields of hospitality and tourism.

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