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Metabolic Markers: Redefining Health and Taking Control

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Kori Meloy and her two children. ©Kori Meloy

If you’ve ever felt the rhythm of the ocean waves, listened to the songs of local Hawaiian birds, or walked along the lush, volcanic trails in Hawaii, you’ll know that health and well-being extend far beyond our physical selves. It also encompasses our environment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the lifestyle we lead. This is where understanding “metabolic markers” come into play, giving us vital information about the status of our well-being.

Redefining Health: The Importance of Metabolic Markers

In the conventional wellness paradigm, we often consider only physical appearance as an indicator of health. However, true health delves much deeper. It is possible for a seemingly “fit” individual to have a slow heart rate and low body temperature – indicators of a sluggish metabolism. These metabolic markers reveal an overarching story of our well-being, often unnoticed until symptoms such as candida, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, or even hair loss start appearing. 

Such an understanding is particularly important for those of us who are passionate about travel and outdoor activities. Good metabolic health not only fuels our physical energy but also influences our mood and emotional resilience, both critical for exploring new cultures or terrains. 


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