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NCL’s Inclusive Seas Checklist

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Welcome Aboard: NCL’s Journey Towards Inclusive Seas

At Norwegian Cruise Line, we believe the wonders of a cruise vacation should be accessible to everyone. We make sure our cruises our inclusive. Ensuring every guest, regardless of their special needs, enjoys the freedom and excitement of Freestyle cruising. This commitment is not just about meeting expectations; it’s about exceeding them through continuous improvement and the application of the most updated accessibility standards.

Crafting Your Perfect Cruise Experience

From the moment you plan your trip with us, our Accessibility Coordinators are by your side, personalizing your journey to meet your unique needs:

  • Pre-Cruise Planning: Our dedicated team reaches out as soon as your Accessibility & Medical Questionnaire lands in our hands.
  • Your Onboard Ally: Meet our Access Officers, your go-to onboard champions dedicated to ensuring your cruise is nothing short of spectacular.

NCL’s Accessibility Commitment: A Closer Look

Mobility Made Easy

For guests with mobility disabilities, NCL offers a range of accommodations, from wheelchair-accessible staterooms with features like roll-in showers and grab bars to the provision of wheelchairs for embarkation and disembarkation. Guests requiring regular wheelchair use are encouraged to bring their own or arrange rentals through Scootaround, NCL’s authorized vendor.

Shore Excursions and Transfers

Understanding that accessibility extends beyond the ship, NCL arranges accessible transportation in all destinations with advance notice and provides up-to-date information on the accessibility of shore excursions. However, guests are reminded that some tendering and gangway situations may not be fully accessible. We recommend that you contact our Shore Excursion team experts at +34 93 176 3470 or visit our website.

Planning Ahead: The Key to a Seamless Experience

NCL emphasizes the importance of advance notice for special requirements, recommending contact at least 90 days prior for interpreter services and 45 days for other needs. This proactive approach allows NCL to fully prepare for guests’ arrivals and ensure a tailored and enjoyable cruise experience.

the Basics: NCL’s Touches

We ensure every guest enjoys their cruise to the fullest:

  • For Our Guests with Mobility Needs:
  • A selection of wheelchair-accessible staterooms on every ship.
  • Emergency wheelchair rental for unforeseen needs.
  • Accessible transport options for all U.S. port destinations with advance notice.
  • Hearing and Visual Accessibility Enhancements:
  • Staterooms equipped with visual-tactile alert systems.
  • Assistive listening devices in main theaters.
  • Sign language interpreting services available upon request.

Embarking on an Inclusive Journey

Our fleet is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, featuring:

  • Innovative Ships: From the breathtaking Norwegian Bliss to the groundbreaking Norwegian Prima, our ships are designed with accessibility at their core.
  • A World of Destinations: Whether it’s the serene Caribbean, the majestic Alaska, or the vibrant Mediterranean, your dream destination awaits.

Ready to set sail on the most inclusive, accessible cruise yet? Contact us or fill out the Accessibility & Medical Questionnaire to start planning your unforgettable NCL cruise adventure. Let’s make every journey with NCL a testament to the beauty of inclusivity at sea.

Explore our accessible cruising in more details on the NCL’s official website.

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