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Cruise Through Australian and Surrounding Waters

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Embarking on an Oceania Cruises journey from Auckland to Singapore offers an unparalleled 34-day voyage across the South Pacific and into the heart of Asia. This grand voyage, aboard the Oceania Regatta, promises an intimate and refined cruising experience, blending the beauty of natural wonders, the richness of diverse cultures, and the pleasure of premium onboard amenities.

The Cruise Adventure

The journey begins in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, known for its vibrant cultural scene and stunning harbors. From there, the ship sails to a series of picturesque New Zealand ports including Rotorua, known for its geothermal wonders; Gisborne, rich in Maori culture; Napier, famous for its art deco architecture; and Picton, the gateway to the stunning Marlborough Sounds.

Destinations and Itineraries

Crossing the Tasman Sea, passengers will explore the natural beauty and urban sophistication of Australia. Highlights include Melbourne’s cultural treasures, Sydney’s iconic landmarks, Brisbane’s sunny ambiance, the Whitsunday Islands’ pristine beaches, Cairns’ gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, and Darwin’s unique wildlife. The voyage then ventures into the untouched beauty of Papua New Guinea and explores Indonesia’s diverse islands, from the Komodo National Park to the cultural heart of Bali, before concluding in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore.

Onboard Activities and Excursions

Oceania Cruises offers a range of activities and excursions tailored to each destination’s unique attractions. From wine tastings in New Zealand’s vineyards to snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and exploring ancient temples in Bali, each day presents an opportunity for discovery. Onboard, passengers can enjoy cooking classes, lectures, wellness programs, and entertainment options, ensuring that sea days are as engaging as days spent ashore.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Oceania Regatta boasts elegantly appointed staterooms and suites, many with private verandas offering breathtaking views. Gourmet dining options range from the grand dining room’s haute cuisine to casual alfresco meals at the Terrace Café. With its spacious lounges, serene spa, and attentive service, the ship provides a luxurious home away from home. You can view the deck plan here.

Accessibility Features

Oceania Cruises is committed to accessibility, offering features designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities. These include accessible staterooms, assistance at embarkation and disembarkation, and accessible routes throughout the ship. However, potential travelers should inquire directly about the accessibility of specific ports of call, as these can vary widely in their accommodations for travelers with disabilities.

Booking and Experience Summary

This 34-day voyage from Auckland to Singapore with Oceania Cruises is a journey of a lifetime, offering an intimate and luxurious cruising experience, enriched by diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and premium onboard amenities. It’s an ideal choice for travelers seeking a comprehensive exploration of the South Pacific and Asia in comfort and style.

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