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Embracing Accessibility Along the Oregon Coast

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Travelability on the Oregon Coast: Enhancing Access for All

The Oregon Coast, renowned for its breathtaking beauty, is becoming increasingly accessible to people with disabilities. The Oregon Coast Visitors Association, along with various coastal cities and organizations, is dedicated to improving “travelability.” This initiative ensures that the diverse accessibility needs of visitors are met, making the coast an inclusive destination for everyone. Key destinations now offer a range of amenities designed for accessibility, allowing all visitors to enjoy the serene beaches and natural wonders of the Oregon coast.

Experience the Coast with David’s Chair

A remarkable feature for visitors with mobility disabilities is the electric all-terrain Track Chair, available for free reservation. This initiative, a collaboration between David’s Chair and Oregon Parks Forever, has made the chairs accessible at several locations along the coast. These chairs provide the freedom to explore the beaches and embrace nature, ensuring a barrier-free experience.

Fishing for Everyone: Accessible Piers

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has made fishing more accessible with several ADA-compliant fishing sites along the coast. These include the Astoria 6th St. Viewing Platform, Tillamook Tidewater Pier, and Bandon Marina, among others. These sites are equipped with amenities like paved parking, ADA restrooms, and are ideal for catching various fish species, offering a fulfilling fishing experience for all.

Kayak Adventures Made Accessible

The Oregon Coast now boasts several ADA-accessible kayak launches. Locations like Broadway Park in Seaside, Elmore Park in Tillamook, and Wheeler Marina provide accessible watercraft launches. These facilities ensure that kayaking and enjoying the scenic waterways is an inclusive activity.

Mobi Mats: Accessible Beach Paths

To make beach access easier for those with disabilities, pedestrians, and families, several locations along the Oregon Coast have installed MOBI mats. These non-slip mats, available seasonally, provide a stable path over the sandy beaches, making the beautiful coastline more accessible to everyone.

Beach Wheelchairs: Freedom on the Sands

Beach wheelchairs are now available for loan at several locations including Seaside, Manzanita, and Lincoln City. These chairs ensure that the beach experience is inclusive, providing the joy of the oceanfront to everyone.

Inclusive Attractions and Overlooks

The coast offers various attractions and scenic overlooks with accessibility amenities. From the Astoria Lewis & Clark National Historic Park to the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area, these sites are equipped to provide an enriching experience for all visitors.

Accessible Resources and Guides

For further information and resources on accessible travel in Oregon, various guides and websites are available. These include the Oregon Hikers Field Guide, Wheelchair Jimmy: Oregon Coast, and guides by the United States Forest Service.

This summary provides a glimpse into the accessible adventures that await on the Oregon Coast. For more detailed information and planning your visit, be sure to check out the full article on travelability on the Oregon coast.

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