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Phuket’s Unseen Luxury Escapes

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In recent years Phuket has been shedding its image of neon-lit nights and crowded beaches, making way for high-end resorts and private beach experiences. This renaissance heralds the arrival of elite establishments like the Baba Beach Club and Rosewood Phuket, set amidst the island’s untouched corners, offering exclusivity and panoramic splendors.

Yet, the true essence of Phuket doesn’t reside solely in its burgeoning luxury; it lies in its diversity. Away from the bustling Patong’s all-night parties, the island’s lesser-known regions offer tranquility that the original backpackers sought. The northern reaches, or the quiet southeastern coastlines, present a stark contrast with their cliff-hugged beaches and the rhythmic symphony of cicadas.

Today, Phuket invites a new wave of explorers, not just to tread its sands, but to rediscover it. It’s an island that has healed, rebuilt, and transformed — offering not just a getaway, but a journey from its tumultuous past to a resilient, more luxurious present.

Here’s a summary of the top 10 most noteworthy hotels in Phuket, renowned for their unique offerings, service excellence, and overall luxury experience:

1.The Surin

Location: West Coast of Phuket

Highlight: Exclusive beach access, Thai-inspired architecture, and serene private plunge pools.

Nestled on Phuket’s west coast, The Surin provides an exclusive gateway with its private beach access. Its architecture, a homage to traditional Thai styles, is accentuated with modern luxury and comfort. Each accommodation is thoughtfully laid out, promoting peace and privacy, with serene private plunge pools that serve as a personal haven for relaxation.


Location: West Coast of Phuket

Highlight: Timeless luxury, holistic wellness center, and teakwood pavilions with private pools.

A sanctuary of timeless luxury, Amanpuri graces Phuket’s west coast with its distinct elegance. Guests immerse in an opulent world where teakwood pavilions and private pools are the norms. The holistic wellness center is a testament to the resort’s commitment to health and rejuvenation, providing personalized programs in a serene setting, complementing the natural beauty surrounding it.

3. Keemala

Location: Kamala Rainforest

Highlight: Unique accommodations like tree houses, safari tents, and themed villas nestled in the forest.

Positioned within the verdant Kamala Rainforest, Keemala is an enchanting escape offering unique dwellings ranging from tree houses to safari tents, and themed villas. This hotel stands out for its commitment to providing a sanctuary away from the busy outside world, with a strong emphasis on nature, holistic wellness, and the exotic cultural heritage of its locale.

4. Trisara

Location: North-West Phuket

Highlight: Secluded villas, ocean-view terraces, infinity pools, and gourmet dining experiences.

In the seclusion of North-West Phuket, Trisara stands as a luxurious epitome of a private beach resort. Each villa offers a breathtaking view of the ocean, private infinity pools, and lavish interiors. The dining experiences are an epicurean journey, with gourmet dishes that are as stunning to the palate as the ocean views are to the eyes.

5. Banyan Tree Phuket

Location: Bang Tao Beach

Highlight: Private pool villas, a holistic spa sanctuary, and luxury amenities amidst a lush setting.

At Bang Tao Beach, Banyan Tree Phuket is a luxurious garden of tranquility, offering spacious private pool villas set amidst lagoons and lush greenery. Its spa sanctuary delivers holistic rejuvenation with a blend of traditional techniques and modern understanding, while the array of amenities ensures every personal preference is catered for.

6. Rosewood Phuket

Location: Near Patong Beach

Highlight: Elegant villas, comprehensive Asaya spa, and authentic culinary delights in a tranquil environment.

Situated close to the vibrant Patong Beach, Rosewood Phuket captures the essence of island luxury. Each villa is a seamless blend of modern sophistication and traditional Thai decor, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The Asaya spa provides a journey of sensory wellness, while the dining venues celebrate Thailand’s rich culinary heritage.

7. SALA Phuket

Location: Near Mai Khao Beach

Highlight: Stylish pool villas, serene ambiance, and traditional Thai cuisine with modern flair.

Proximity to the pristine Mai Khao Beach defines SALA Phuket, a resort where style and comfort converge. Its pool villas are a contemporary interpretation of traditional Thai architecture, with an emphasis on open spaces and serene interiors. The restaurants serve an array of traditional Thai and international dishes, each prepared with a unique modern twist.

8. Six Senses Yao Noi (not on Phuket but nearby):

Location: Koh Yao Noi

Highlight: Sustainable luxury, jungle-themed villas, organic wellness treatments, and eco-friendly practices.

Although not directly on Phuket, Six Senses Yao Noi on Koh Yao Noi island deserves mention for its sustainable luxury ethos. The resort’s jungle-themed villas, eco-friendly practices, and organic wellness treatments provide a unique experience. It stands as a testament to luxury tourism’s ability to coexist with environmental stewardship.

9. V Villas Phuket

Location: Hills above Ao Yon Bay

Highlight: Exclusive villas with modern amenities, providing privacy and panoramic views of the coastline.

Perched on the hills above Ao Yon Bay, V Villas Phuket is an exclusive enclave offering modern, luxurious villas, complete with cutting-edge amenities. Each villa is a personal haven, providing guests with unrivaled privacy and breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline. The blend of modern luxury and natural beauty makes V Villas a perfect choice for those seeking a private, high-end escape.

10. COMO Point Yamu

Location: Cape Yamu

Highlight: Wellness-focused, with Thai and Mediterranean designs, and stunning views over Phang Nga Bay.

Located on the serene shores of Cape Yamu, COMO Point Yamu boasts a wellness-centric approach, harmoniously blending Thai and Mediterranean inspirations. Guests here are treated to a visual feast with expansive vistas across the emerald waters of Phang Nga Bay, especially alluring during sunrise and sunset. The hotel’s contemporary design, complemented by its dedication to holistic wellness, offers a tranquil retreat far from the bustling tourist spots

These hotels encapsulate the essence of luxury, comfort, and unique experiences, making them stand out in the region. Each offers a different aspect of Thai hospitality, whether through design, cuisine, wellness, or the nature-immersed experience, catering to the diverse preferences of travelers.

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