A Guide to Reynosa Airport’s Accessibility Features

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Wheelchair in Airport Terminal

Reynosa Airport, officially known as General Lucio Blanco International Airport, is a gateway that not only connects various destinations but also embodies a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all travelers. Our airport, nestled in the vibrant city of Reynosa, Mexico, serves as a crucial hub for both domestic and international flights, offering passengers a seamless and comfortable travel experience.

Accessibility: A Core Commitment

At Reynosa Airport, we believe that travel should be accessible to everyone. We have meticulously invested in creating an environment that caters to the needs of travelers with disabilities. Our facilities are designed to ensure complete accessibility from the parking lot to the terminal building, encompassing a range of amenities tailored to provide comfort and support to passengers requiring special assistance.

Features and Services for People with Disabilities

We offer a comprehensive suite of services and facilities to ensure that travelers with disabilities experience a hassle-free journey:

Wheelchair Accessibility: Wheelchairs and personal assistance are available upon request, free of charge. We advise passengers to communicate their needs to their airline at the time of booking to ensure availability and seamless service.

Elevators and Electric Escalators: Our terminal is equipped with elevators and electric escalators, making it easy for passengers to navigate between different levels.

Handrails and Tactile Strips: For added safety and guidance, handrails and tactile strips are installed throughout the airport.

Signage: Clear and comprehensive signage is placed across the airport to assist visually impaired travelers in navigating the facilities.

Special Assistance for Boarding: Passengers using folding wheelchairs can remain in their chairs up to the airplane’s door if the path to the airplane does not include stairs. For those with battery-powered chairs, specific arrangements are available.

Assistance for Visually and Hearing Impaired Travelers: Our staff and the airline’s flight attendants are trained to assist visually or hearing-impaired passengers, including the explanation of emergency procedures and handling of food.

Supplementary Oxygen: Should a passenger require supplementary oxygen during the flight, arrangements can be made through the airline.

We prioritize clear communication and encourage passengers with special needs to inform their airline of their requirements well in advance of their flight. This enables us to coordinate effectively and ensure that all necessary services are readily available.

For more detailed information about our accessibility services, please visit our accessibility information page.

Ensuring a Comfortable Journey

Our dedication to accessibility reflects our commitment to offering a dignified and enjoyable travel experience for all our passengers. From the moment you arrive at Reynosa Airport to the time you board your flight, our staff is here to support you every step of the way.

By fostering an environment of inclusivity, Reynosa Airport continues to be a beacon of accessibility in air travel, ensuring that every journey begins and ends with ease and comfort.

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