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Chicago’s Sensory-Friendly Attractions

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Discover Inclusivity

Chicago’s commitment to inclusivity shines brightly in its array of sensory-friendly attractions, ensuring that the city’s cultural treasures are accessible to everyone. Below, we explore the remarkable initiatives put in place by some of the city’s most iconic venues, catering to visitors with sensory sensitivities.

Sensory-Friendly Museums

Field Museum

The Field Museum paves the way with its ‘Field for All’ app, an intuitive platform that helps guests personalize their museum journey. With features like exhibition previews and a sensory-friendly map, every visitor is assured an engaging experience tailored to their comfort.

Shedd Aquarium

The waterfront Shedd Aquarium hosts the ‘Calm Waters’ event series, creating a peaceful, intimate environment for veterans and guests with disabilities. Additionally, amenities such as sound-reducing headphones and a quiet room are thoughtful touches that underscore its dedication to accessibility.

Museum of Science and Industry

Offering Low-Sensory Early Exploration events, the Museum of Science and Industry invites guests to delve into its wonders in a modified, sensory-friendly setting. The availability of a sensory map and detailed exhibit notes further ensures an enriching visit for all.

Art Institute of Chicago

The historic Art Institute of Chicago provides a sensory map detailing quieter, low-light spaces and interactive areas, allowing guests to plan a visit that suits their sensory preferences while enjoying the vast art collections.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Sensory-Friendly Mornings at the Museum of Contemporary Art offer a serene exploration space for neurodiverse visitors. With reduced lighting and a dedicated quiet space, these mornings ensure a comfortable art-viewing experience.

Sensory-Friendly Attractions

Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo enhances its inclusive environment with sensory bags and a detailed sensory scale for all exhibits, helping visitors with sensory sensitivities navigate the rich biodiversity with ease.

Navy Pier

The Sensory Friendly Navy Pier app revolutionizes the visitor experience with features like schedule planning and a sensory-friendly map, ensuring this landmark destination can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sensory-Friendly Theatres and Venues

Blue Man Group

The exhilarating performances of the Blue Man Group take a considerate turn with annual sensory-friendly shows. These special performances, supporting local autism organizations, are a harmonious blend of entertainment and social responsibility.

Goodman Theatre

The Goodman Theatre’s sensory-friendly adaptations extend the magic of the stage to all. With lower stimuli and designated calm areas, each performance beckons to be a safe and enjoyable space for guests with sensory sensitivities.

Chicago Children’s Theatre

Prioritizing young audiences, the Chicago Children’s Theatre hosts sensory-friendly performances, ensuring the captivating world of theatre is accessible to children experiencing sensory sensitivities.

United Center

The bustling United Center champions inclusivity with its sensory-inclusive certification. The venue’s staff is adept at catering to guests with sensory needs, and with sensory bags and a quiet room on offer, every event promises to be an inclusive experience.

League of Chicago Theatres

The League of Chicago Theatres’ comprehensive calendar of accessible productions—including ASL-interpreted, open-captioned, and autism-friendly performances—stands as a testament to Chicago’s inclusive spirit in the performing arts.

From museums and zoos to theatres and sporting venues, Chicago’s institutions have wholeheartedly embraced the mission of accessibility. These sensory-friendly initiatives exemplify the city’s broader commitment to creating enriching experiences that are truly available to all.

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