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Sorenson CEO Honored with HITEC 100 Award for 2024

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Prestigious Recognition in Technology

Sorenson’s CEO, Jorge Rodriguez, has been honored with the esteemed HITEC 100 award for 2024, recognizing his influence and achievements as a Hispanic leader in the technology sector. This award, presented by the Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council (HITEC), annually celebrates the top U.S.-based Hispanic technology executives.

Rodriguez’s Impactful Leadership

Rodriguez, lauded for his extensive experience in the technology industry and his passionate advocacy for diversity and inclusion, is expanding Sorenson’s accessible services to new communities and countries. His dedication to using technology for positive global impact is evident in his statement,

“I am honored to be named to the HITEC 100 list. I am committed to using technology to make a positive and sustainable impact in the world, and I am proud to be a part of HITEC’s mission.”

Diversity and Representation in Tech

The 2024 HITEC 100 list includes diverse Hispanic leaders from global Fortune 100 companies, with 49% being Latinas and representatives from 19 unique countries. This award signifies HITEC’s commitment to accelerating the influence of Hispanic technology leaders from various backgrounds and disciplines.

About Jorge Rodriguez

Rodriguez holds a M.S. degree in technology from Columbia University, an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, and has been a leading figure in several major tech companies. His educational and professional journey underscores his commitment to innovation and inclusion in the tech industry.

For the full announcement and additional details, read the complete press release here.
For the announcement in ASL, click here.

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