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Stories of Empowerment

We believe that every human being possesses power to overcome any challenges, pains, and difficulties in life.  These stories offer empowering messaging that anyone impacted by any circumstances in this world can find their way.

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Bethany Hamilton


SFL starting line Peter Slatin and Leslie Maclin
Reading Time: 4 minutes Explore my challenges and camaraderie at Ski for Light, where blind skiers adapt and thrive in the snow, fostering a supportive community.
Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore Gracie Fisher's inspiring journey in mouth painting, her unique artistic expression, and her upcoming online art shop.
Grace Fisher playing piano with her mouth stick ©Grace Fisher
Reading Time: 3 minutes Join me as I share my journey to receiving the VSA Emerging Young Artists Award, a celebration of creativity, and the power of inclusive art.
©Grace Fisher painting
Reading Time: 3 minutes Discover the inspiring journey of Grace Fisher, an entrepreneur with disabilities, who's breaking barriers and creating an inclusive world.
©Grace Fisher
Reading Time: 2 minutes Grace Fisher's journey of resilience, overcoming AFM, and creating a harmonious future through music and art. Join our mission.
Blind Man with Guide Dog Outdoors ©Getty Images
Reading Time: < 1 minute Peter Slatin shares his journey as a blind resident in NYC during the pandemic, highlighting challenges and the city's resilient spirit.
Lisbon, praca do comercio © Houston Vandergriff
Reading Time: 2 minutes Join Houston Vandergriff on his 2023/24 global journeys, from Egypt's ancient wonders to Peru's mystical landscapes and beyond.
Houston Vandergriff at NomadMania
Reading Time: 2 minutes Join Houston Vandergriff, an award-winning travel photographer, on his inspiring journey and upcoming 9-day adventure in Peru.
© Houston Vandergriff with camera
Reading Time: 2 minutes Join Houston, a photographer with Down syndrome, as he shares his global journeys and inspiring perspectives through his lens.
Mike Schultz holding the prothetic leg he designed ©Mike SchultzBioDapt
Reading Time: < 1 minute Explore how custom prosthetics transform travel experiences, empowering individuals to conquer new adventures and lead fulfilling lives.change lives.
Mike Schultz mid air on a snow board ©Monster Mike Schultz
Reading Time: 2 minutes Explore Mike Schultz's journey from adversity to Paralympic gold. Discover how innovation and resilience in adaptive sports change lives.
Two park rangers looking out over Glacier National Park's Lake McDonald at the base of snow-capped mountains ©National Park Service
Reading Time: 2 minutes Discover the inspiring stories of women with disabilities who have made significant contributions to the National Parks.