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Sustainability Journeys with The GREEN Program

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The Green Project. ©Reset Tourism Fund

Revolutionizing Education Through The GREEN Program:

In the exciting world of accessible and sustainable travel, The GREEN Program (TGP) shines brightly as a hub of innovation and inclusivity. We’re thrilled about our investment in TGP, a program that reimagines the world as an engaging classroom. It masterfully combines sustainability-focused learning with hands-on industry exposure – a real game-changer in education!

Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, TGP offers students and professionals a unique chance to dive into sustainability. Their programs are not just educational; they’re practical, fast-paced, and absolutely exhilarating, lasting just 8-10 days.

Empowering Future Leaders in Sustainability:

TGP isn’t just about learning; it’s about launching stellar careers. Their alumni’s success in landing roles with giants like the United Nations, Tesla, and NASA is a testament to the program’s incredible impact. With a whopping 95% employment rate, TGP is not just educating; it’s transforming lives and careers in the sustainability sector.

A Nod to Melissa Lee’s Visionary Leadership:

Let’s give a huge shoutout to Melissa Lee, the heart and soul behind TGP! From her childhood travels and diving adventures in Malaysia, Melissa’s deep connection with nature has been the driving force behind her journey. Fast forward from those early days of discovery, and you’ll find Melissa co-founding TGP with a fiery passion for environmental protection.

Melissa’s vision has now propelled TGP to global heights, impacting thousands through their unique study-abroad programs. These programs aren’t just about studying; they’re about experiencing and solving real sustainability challenges. And guess what? Melissa’s remarkable journey continues as she serves on the UnTours Foundation’s board of directors – how awesome is that!

Championing Diversity in Sustainable Education:

Diversity is the lifeblood of TGP. Welcoming individuals from all walks of life, the program celebrates a kaleidoscope of backgrounds and perspectives. With almost 40% of participants identifying as BIPOC, TGP is not just talking about diversity; they’re living it, aiming to push this even further. The GREEN Scholarship is a shining example of their commitment to making sustainability education universally accessible.

Join the Journey of Sustainability:

Are you ready to be part of this extraordinary journey? Dive into the world of TGP by visiting their website. Follow their social media for the latest updates and share their inspiring story. Let’s spread the word and empower more young leaders to pursue their passion in sustainability with The GREEN Program.

Read the full article here for a deeper dive into TGP’s mission and impact.

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