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Embracing Sustainable Travel in Alaska

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Brown Bear and Two Cubs against a Forest and Mountain Backdrop at Katmai National Park, Alaska ©Getty Images

As we stand on the cusp of wild, unspoiled nature, the silent whispers of Alaska’s mountains draw us into their embrace, compelling us to explore while nurturing the soul of these pristine landscapes.

Embarking on a Green Journey

In the land of the midnight sun, the spirit of adventure coincides with the spirit of preservation. Here, you’re not just a traveler but a guardian of the natural world. Whether you’re an eco-travel veteran or taking your first steps into sustainable travel, Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) serves as your guiding star in this ecological expedition across the state’s awe-inspiring expanses.

Certified Sustainable Exploration

Adventure Green Alaska heralds a unique benchmark in sustainable tourism, certifying businesses that prioritize ecological operations. With a diverse community of over 60 travel services and lodgings, each vetted by AGA’s stringent standards, your journey promises to be as enriching as it is responsible. From ventures into the heart of Denali to serene stays in wilderness lodges near Homer, or immersive marine life tours in Juneau, each entity, marked with the AGA’s green and black seal, commits to a journey harmonious with nature. These experiences are woven into the very fabric of Alaska’s heritage, awaiting your discovery.

A Sustainable Travel Checklist

AGA doesn’t just lead you to responsible businesses but also equips you with practices to make your journey more sustainable:

Engage in Local Culture: Immerse yourself in Alaskan communities, learn the rich history, and frequent museums or cultural centers.

Support Local Businesses: Enhance your journey and the local economy by choosing indigenous eateries, shops, and tours.

Choose Authentic Alaskan Goods: Shop for items certified as “Made in Alaska,” “Grown in Alaska,” or crafted by native artisans through the “Silver Hand Program.”

Practice ‘Leave No Trace’: Explore and honor Alaska’s vast protected lands by minimizing your environmental footprint.

Adopt Daily Sustainability: Use reusable items to mitigate plastic waste, a simple act with significant impact.

Respect Wildlife: Follow ethical guidelines to preserve the integrity of wildlife habitats and behaviors.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint: Utilize the Juneau Carbon Offset Fund to assess and neutralize your journey’s environmental impact.

Elevating Sustainability Standards

AGA’s dedication to ecological preservation is ascending a new peak with enhanced certification standards, acknowledged by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. This initiative amplifies a collective resolve among Alaskan travel affiliates to protect and sustain the natural and cultural treasures of the state.

Crafting Your Alaskan Saga

While each path through Alaska is unique, intertwining your footsteps with mindful preservation ensures a legacy that extends beyond your visit. As the wilderness whispers your name, ready your spirit for an expedition rooted in conscientious travel.

Dive Deeper into Alaskan Adventures

For a richer perspective, explore the array of AGA-certified businesses. These include ventures that proudly display a wheelchair symbol, indicating accessibility for all passionate hearts yearning to partake in Alaska’s grandeur. Here, your journey transcends an ordinary vacation, molding into a saga of memorable experiences and responsible stewardship.

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