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The Reset Tourism Fund: Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Tourism

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Amidst the evolving landscape of travel and tourism, a revolutionary initiative stands out: The Reset Tourism Fund. Let’s delve into understanding what this fund is all about and how it intends to shape a sustainable tourism future.

What is the Reset Tourism Fund?

The Reset Tourism Fund, initiated by the UnTours Foundation, is a groundbreaking financial tool aimed at backing those in the tourism sector who are keen on building a more sustainable, inclusive, and community-driven approach to travel. By providing essential financial support, it not only aims to boost the growth of sustainable tourism ventures but also ensures the preservation of our planet and the prosperity of communities worldwide.

How Does It Foster Tourism and Sustainability?

The fund offers investments to businesses that exhibit a strong commitment to:

Climate resilience: Encouraging initiatives that prioritize the environment and reduce carbon footprints.

Sustainability: Supporting endeavors that aim for a long-term positive impact, both environmentally and economically.

Community Enrichment: Backing businesses that focus on improving and empowering local communities, leading to a more holistic growth.

Inclusivity: Ensuring that the travel experiences cater to all, with a special emphasis on those who have traditionally been marginalized in tourism.

Purple Elephant Ventures, one of the first investments of the Reset Tourism Fund, is a Nairobi-based venture studio creating multiple start-ups each year at the nexus of tourism, climate, and tech.

Why Is This Important?

The tourism industry, one of the world’s largest economic sectors, plays a crucial role in global development. As we increasingly realize the importance of sustainable practices, it becomes imperative to integrate these principles into tourism. The Reset Tourism Fund, through its vision, helps bridge the gap between tourism aspirations and actual sustainable outcomes.

For those intrigued and keen to delve deeper, detailed information about the fund, its vision, and application processes can be found here. Additionally, for an in-depth look at the press release announcing the initiative, visit this link.

As we set our sights on a brighter, greener future for travel, The Reset Tourism Fund paves the way. Let’s journey together towards sustainable tourism horizons!

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