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PGA Tour Star Tom Kim’s Hawaiian Adventure with Kiawe Outdoor

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PGA Tour Star Tom Kim's Hawaiian Adventure ©Kiawe Outdoor

PGA Tour professional and the 12th-ranked golfer in the world, Tom Kim, recently embarked on a unique Hawaiian adventure during his stay in Maui. Hosted by our Founder, Yeshua Goodman, Tom Kim not only enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes but also immersed himself in Hawaiian culture and environmental conservation efforts. 

In this article, we’ll delve into Tom Kim’s memorable day with Kiawe Outdoor, exploring his experience in planting a tree and savoring an outdoor feast amidst the natural beauty of Hawaii.

Tom Kim’s Hawaiian Exploration: A Day with Kiawe Outdoor

Connecting with Hawaii’s Environment

During his stay in Hawaii, Tom Kim seized the opportunity to learn more about the island’s unique ecosystems and environmental challenges. Yeshua Goodman, served as his guide. Despite his demanding schedule, Tom Kim embraced the chance to connect with Hawaii, its people, and its land.

Planting a Native Koa Tree

One of the highlights of Tom Kim’s visit to Kiawe Outdoor was planting a native Koa tree. This hands-on experience allowed him to contribute to Hawaii’s conservation efforts while leaving a lasting impact on the environment. The act of planting a native tree left a profound impression on him.

A Taste of Hawaiian Tradition and Sustainability

The Importance of Ancestral Cooking

During their time together, Tom Kim and Yeshua Goodman discussed the ancestral methods of cooking and their significance. They explored how traditional Hawaiian culinary techniques are deeply rooted in the island’s culture, history, and sustainability practices.

Savoring the Outdoor Feast

Kiawe Outdoor specializes in creating immersive outdoor feasts that celebrate the essence of Hawaii. Tom Kim joined in this experience, where the focus is not just on food but also on the communal spirit. At the table, guests are encouraged to slow down, put away their phones, and connect with each other and the surrounding nature. It’s about fostering a sense of togetherness and appreciation for the world around us.

Tom Kim’s Testimonial

Tom Kim was genuinely impressed by the food offered during the outdoor feast. He remarked, “The food is so good people will think I am making it up.” This speaks to the authentic and exceptional quality of the culinary experience provided by Kiawe Outdoor.

Leaving a Mark: The Tom Kim Tree

Visitors to Hawaii now have the opportunity to visit the “Tom Kim Tree,” named in honor of the PGA Tour star himself!!! This tree serves as a symbol of Tom Kim’s commitment to environmental conservation and his memorable day with Kiawe Outdoor.


Tom Kim’s day with Kiawe Outdoor on Maui was not just a typical tourist experience; it was a journey of discovery, sustainability, and cultural appreciation. As travelers seek deeper connections and shared experiences, Tom Kim’s adventure in Hawaii with Kiawe Outdoor exemplifies the power of travel that gives back to the community and the environment. So, have you ever considered a vacation that combines adventure with a sense of purpose? It’s certainly one for the bucket list!

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