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Travel Guide To Rocky Mountain National Park

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Sunset at the Rocky Mountain National Park

This is a guide on how to have an epic adventure at Rocky Mountain National Park. This guide is meant for people of all abilities. When I say people of all abilities I mean those with disabilities, those with physical or mental limitations, and those who don’t have any limitations at all. I like to find hikes and activities that accommodate everyone.

When to visit

Peak season 

Locals from the RMNP area say that the peak season goes from around June to October. These are the peak season months because due to the high elevation of the Rockies the snow comes early and leaves late. That being said, after visiting in the winter I was told by a lot of the locals that it’s a great place to visit all year long. However, they said that during July and August it is sometimes unbearable to leave their house to have to wait in a grocery line for 45 minutes.  That is one of the cons that was mostly talked about. The tradeoff is that the Trail Ridge Road is open during peak season. It is one of the main roads in the park when it is open and it has phenomenal views. I hope to go back and visit this park in the future.

Off Season

The beginning of the off season is when I visited this beautiful park, around the end of October/early November. It was GORGEOUS! It is a little bit harder to travel in snow through the Rockies but it was so worth it.


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