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Bhutan: A Journey to Serenity

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Praying Hands of Buddhist Monk ©Pexels

Bhutan is an enriching experience, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in practices and traditions that have shaped the Bhutanese way of life for centuries. This Himalayan sanctuary, known for its deep Buddhist roots, offers more than just a retreat; it is a pathway to inner harmony and balance.

Bhutan, a jewel nestled in the Himalayas, is accessible primarily by air, with its only international airport located in Paro. Flights to Paro are available from several major cities, with Kolkata, Delhi, Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Singapore being among the most common departure points. Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the main carriers, and it’s worth noting that schedules can be subject to change based on seasonal weather conditions. The breathtaking descent into the Paro Valley sets the tone for the spiritual adventure that awaits.

Bhutanese way of life

Here are some key aspects of wellness and wellbeing in Bhutan:


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