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Discover Wellness at HOY Hotel Paris

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The dining room of the HOY Hotel in Paris ©HOY Hotel in Paris

Uniting Creators in Boutique Lifestyle with Wellness at Its Core

In a bustling metropolis known for its timeless charm, the HOY Hotel in Paris emerges as a sanctuary for well-being, inclusivity, and mindful living. This establishment, nestled in the heart of the city, is more than just a boutique hotel; it’s a lifestyle statement advocating for holistic health, accessibility, and ecological responsibility.

Meet the Visionary Behind HOY

At the helm of this innovative venture is Charlotte Gomez de Orozco, a dedicated millennial blending the art of hospitality with wellness. Charlotte’s days are woven with the essence of well-being, while her nights resonate with the tranquility of yoga and the sensory journey of food tasting. Her creation, the HOY Hotel, stands as Paris’s first yoga-centric hotel, embodying her commitment to nurturing both the mind and body through unique, holistic experiences.

Embarking on a Journey of Wellness

HOY isn’t just a hotel; it’s a House of Yoga. It promises an oasis for Parisians and international yogis alike, focusing on the intimacy of the present moment and the art of mindful living. Each pillar of HOY—the accommodation, restaurant, yoga space, treatment room, and florist—invites guests to immerse themselves in a healing journey.

Yoga, a core practice at HOY, extends beyond physical activity. It’s a catalyst for personal transformation, encouraging guests to listen to their bodies and awaken curiosity.

Embracing Universal Wellness and Accessibility

How often do you find a space that speaks to holistic healing for everyone? Imagine a haven where engaging in in-house yoga helps banish the blues, allowing meditation and mindfulness to wash over you, regardless of your physical or mental abilities. HOY extends this unique invitation, ensuring that the tranquility and rejuvenation found within its walls are accessible to all, including individuals navigating mental health challenges.

In this nurturing environment, every individual’s needs are recognized and met with thoughtful consideration. The hotel’s ethos is steeped in the belief that wellness should not be a privilege but a shared right.

This commitment is a refreshing shift in the hospitality landscape, ensuring that the journey of self-discovery and well-being is not a path walked alone but an inclusive journey shared with others. It’s here, in this safe and supportive ambiance, that guests are encouraged to explore new aspects of their well-being, free from the constraints that society often inadvertently imposes.

Sustainability and Community at Its Heart

HOY goes beyond internal practices, embodying sustainability in every facet. The hotel champions ecological responsibility, from recycling food waste with ethically aligned partners to supporting local artisans. Every tailor-made product and carefully curated service reflects HOY’s commitment to the community and environment, providing guests with a conscientious, rewarding stay.

A Day at HOY: Experience, Savor, Heal

Imagine starting your day with meditation’s serene rhythm, transitioning into a revitalizing yoga session, and delighting in delectable plant-based pancakes—a nourishing beginning symbolic of HOY’s ethos. As daylight fades, the soothing cadence of a sound healing class prepares you for a night of tantalizing mezcalitas and corn tacos, encapsulating the HOY experience.

Looking to the Future

For Charlotte, the joy of operating a boutique hotel lies in the freedom to innovate and evolve. Inspired by guest feedback, she continuously shapes unforgettable experiences. And now, she sets her sights on a new horizon: introducing HOY retreats worldwide, expanding her vision of wellness and accessible luxury.

HOY Hotel is not just a retreat; it’s a revolution in the boutique lifestyle—a testament to BLLA’s vision of a world where personalization, wellness, and sustainability are not trends but the very foundation of hospitality. Embark on a journey with HOY, where every moment is about healing, discovery, and the undiluted pleasure of living. In a world that moves at breakneck speed, find your sanctuary at in Paris.

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