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What the TSA Does for Travelers with Disabilities

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A TSA agent at an airport

The TSA provides a disability notification card that travelers with disabilities or medical conditions can present at the TSA screening checkpoint to describe their disability.

Here Are Some Things You Should Do When Traveling with a Disability:

  • Inform the airline, hotel, and any other service providers of your disability ahead of time.
  • Call TSA Cares ((855) 787-2227) at least 72 hours before your flight to ask any questions you may
  • Pack everything you might need in a carry-on bag, including any assistive devices or

Here are some helpful links for more information on what the TSA does for travelers with disabilities and what you should do:

TSA: Passenger Support

TSA: Disabilities and Medical Conditions

In conclusion, the TSA offers a variety of resources and services to assist travelers with disabilities and medical conditions, including TSA Cares, TSA Passenger Support Specialists, and disability notification cards. As a traveler with a disability, it’s important to inform the airline, hotel, and other service providers of your access needs ahead of time. Call TSA Cares with any questions, and pack everything you might need in a carry-on bag. By taking these steps and utilizing the resources available from the TSA, you can help ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

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