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Wheelchair Accessible Trails Across the US

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A girl in a wheelchair at the top of a mountain


Jordan River Parkway Trail 

Location: South Jordan ,UT

Length: 7.9 miles

This trail is paved and since its next to a river has many ducks for little ones to explore.  My toddler was saying ducks the whole day down the trail.  There are several parts of this trail in Utah up north and south. We explored the north part in South Jordan. This is a great trail for all abilities.    

Bridal Veil Falls Trail 

Location: Provo, UT, Provo Canyon  

Length: 1.4 miles

This trail is paved and has a beautiful waterfall that has easy access to view near a bridge. If you do want to view the waterfall closer then there is a trail leading up to the waterfall itself that is not wheelchair accessible.  

Silver Lake Loop Trail

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, Big Cottonwood Canyon 

Length: 1 mile loop 

This trail is so beautiful to visit anytime of year but is not as accessible in winter because of snow that has not been cleared on the trail. This trail is 1/2 boardwalk, 1/4 gravel and 1/2 dirt trail.

Tip: Go in the early morning or weeknights for better parking and to avoid the crowds.

Cascade Springs Interpretive Trail 

Location: Midway, UT

Length: 0.8 mile loop

This trail has a lot of beautiful springs and is a favorite for most during the fall. This trail is fully paved. One of the loops is fully accessible but in the second and third loop you get a little bit of an incline and around 15-20 stairs.

Tip: Park at the top of the trail so you don’t need to go down a steep trail. It is paved but can be a little too steep for wheelchairs.

Little Confluence Nature Trail 

Location: Murray, UT

Length: 2.8 mile trail 

This is a very flat graveled trail with some dirt as well. There is also a trail next to it over the bridge that is fully paved and is called the Jordan River Trail. The Jordan River Trail offers more accessibility for wheelchairs.

Tip: Go early in the morning during the summer when it is cooler because this trail is not shaded.  

Veterans Memorial Park Loop Trail

Location: West Jordan, UT

Length: 0.7 mile loop

This trail loops around a few parks and goes past a city library. It is fully paved. It’s not in the Utah mountains, but it is a great option when it is cold in winter. One of the parks along the trail is also an all abilities park which we love.

Tip: The road around the park is a one way street. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for parking. If you drive past an empty space, you might have to drive all the way around to get back to it.

Big East Lake Trail

Location: Santaquin, UT, Payson Canyon

Length: 1 mile loop

This trail is fully paved and surrounds a very beautiful lake with many aspens and evergreens all along the trail.

Tip: Park near the campground; it usually has more parking during busier summer months.  

Farm Trail 

Location: Park City, UT

Length: 3.6 miles  

This trail is located near the McPolin trail that is not as accessible to wheelchairs. This trail is also near the famous McPolin farm which is a beautiful spot all year round but especially during the fall.  

Tip: Watch for no parking signs on the road. You do not want to be towed. There is a parking lot across the street from the farm house with a walkway under the road that leads up to the farm. 


Big Tree Circle Trail 

Location:, Orick, CA, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Length: 0.3 mile loop

We looped around a few times to look at all the cool trees. Some of the trail was paved and some of it was a flat dirt trail.

Tip: Check out all parts of the trail. So many of the trees are unique; it’s worth looping around the trail multiple times to see each one in detail.


Old Faithful Geyser loop 

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Length: .7 miles

This beautiful geyser is just a short walk from the parking lot. There is lots of seating around the boardwalk where you can sit and watch it erupt. The whole loop is wheelchair accessible..

Tip: Go early in the morning; the parking lot fills up fast. This is one of the most popular places in the park. If you have time, visit the visitor center. You can check online or ask a Park Ranger when the next eruption of Old Faithful will happen. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Grand Prismatic Spring 

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Length: .5 miles

This trail is a fully paved loop. 

Tip: This is a very popular and very busy trail. This is one of the trails in Yellowstone that you want to visit first thing in the morning so that you beat the crowds. The parking lot fills up very quickly. 


Pinnacles Valley Trail

Location: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Length: 0.8 miles

This is a graveled trail. I was able to walk most of the way, but many people on AllTrails have said that it was definitely possible to explore in a wheelchair.

Tip: Go 3/4 way down the trail and then look back to see an awesome view of the pinnacles.

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