How the Winnebago Roam RV Makes Road Trips More Wheelchair Accessible

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The article explores the features of the Winnebago Roam AE, a recreational vehicle (RV) designed with wheelchair accessibility in mind. The Roam AE offers a practical solution for wheelchair users who dream of road tripping across the United States.

RV Life for Wheelchair Users

  • RV life offers the freedom to explore new places while retaining the comforts of home.
  • It’s ideal for various groups, including remote workers, retirees, and small families.
  • The lifestyle provides spontaneity in travel without the worry of finding accessible accommodations.

Benefits of Road Tripping in an Accessible RV:

  • Road trips are a quintessential part of American culture, offering a unique way to explore the country.
  • An accessible RV like the Roam AE allows for comfort and convenience, especially for those with food sensitivities or needing specific amenities.

Features of the Winnebago Roam AE

Braun Under Vehicle Lift (UVL): Facilitates easy access for wheelchair users with a 750-pound capacity.

Powered Reclining Sofa Bed: Offers a comfortable rest area, which is adjustable and includes safety seat belts.

Dinette Area: Serves as an entertainment and control center with wheelchair accessibility.

Toilet and Shower: Features a cassette-style toilet and handheld shower, with accessible design for ease of use.

Galley: Equipped with essential amenities like a refrigerator, sink, and storage space.

Driver and Passenger Cab: Offers comfortable and adjustable seating, with optional hand controls.

Q’Straint Tie Down System: Provides secure spots for wheelchair users during travel.


  • The Roam AE is compact, making it suitable for various travel needs but may be tight for those with large rehab-style power wheelchairs.
  • Ideal for adventurous wheelchair users who can manage transfers and RV maintenance tasks.
  • Winnebago plans to introduce a rental program for the Roam AE in Spring 2023.

The Winnebago Roam AE is a pioneering step in making road trips more accessible for wheelchair users, providing a blend of adventure, comfort, and accessibility.

For a more detailed exploration of the Winnebago Roam AE’s accessible features and benefits, read the full article here.

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